Pompon Little Bear

Pompon Little Bear

13 Episodes

Pompon is a six-year-old - in bear years. He is mischievous, cheerful, and playful. But above all things, he has an incredible and precious talent that his best friend Rita and his parents enjoy tremendously: he can make extra out of ordinary! Thanks to his imagination taking him on creative detours, growing day by day becomes child’s play!

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Pompon Little Bear
  • Pompon Little Bear - Squeaky Clean | Invasion of the Ants | The Great Itch

    Episode 1

    Pompon needs a wash before going to the concert Josie is giving. But there's no way he's going to let his mother help him: he's not a baby! | The bear family's den is invaded by ants. Pompon is very happy to share his house - but not his honey sandwiches! | Pompon returns from an outing in the fo...

  • The Wrong Side of the Bed | Tooth Fairy | It's in the Bag!

    Episode 2

    Nothing is going right for Pompon this morning. It seems like he got up on the wrong side of the bed! Never mind, all he has to do is go back to bed and get up again on the right side... | While Rita is over on a sleepover, Pompon loses his first milk fang! | Pompon is going on an outing with his...

  • The Box of Secrets | White Fangs | The Racoon Constellation

    Episode 3

    Pompon has caught his mom planning a little show for George’s birthday. She makes him promise to say nothing, but it's hard for our little bear to hold his tongue. | Pompon missed seeing the sun rise with Rita because he had to brush his fangs. He decides that he will avoid dirtying his fangs by ...

  • The Dust Hunters | Bumblee Bee Bungle | I'm Not Sleepy!

    Episode 4

    Pompon is asked to help clean the den. No problem! He decides to become Eagle Eye, the greatest dust hunter the forest has ever known. | While playing ball with Rita near his mother's beehives, Pompon accidentally breaks one. Oh no! | Pompon can't get to sleep and thinks he must be a nocturnal an...

  • There's a Hiccup | The Migratory Bear | Super Pompon

    Episode 5

    Pompon's hiccups have made him spoil the picture he was painting for his dad. So, he sets off in search of an original way of getting rid of them. | Pompon and Georges set off on an expedition, but when their raft starts sinking, they find out that adventure can be waiting anywhere. | To stop his...

  • Pompon's Pee | Cultivating Patience | Home Compost

    Episode 6

    During a sleepover with Rita, Pompon realizes that he has wet the bed overnight. Feeling a little ashamed, he sneaks out to wash his sheet in the river. | Pompon wants to grow a huge pumpkin. He thinks that the more the seed is watered, the faster it will grow. | When Pompon discovers that earthw...

  • The Combo Cake | The Little Fisherman | Atichoo!

    Episode 7

    Pompon wants to make a cake for his friends but is afraid that some of them won't like it. No problem! He decides to please them all by combining all their favorite ingredients. | Georges takes Pompon to learn how to fish "bear-style". But it's not easy to catch fish when you have little paws. | ...

  • As If by Magic | Don't Forget Me, Rita! | Like a Flower

    Episode 8

    Pompon dresses up as a magician to make a country walk literally enchanting. But this may not be the best outfit, or the best time to experiment with magic tricks. | Preparing to go on holiday, Pompon worries that Rita might forget him, so he pins up pictures of himself all over the forest. | Af...

  • The Last Laugh | No Blues for Pompon | Doctor Pompon

    Episode 9

    Pompon has had such fun playing jokes on April Fool's Day that now he wants to play them all the time. | Rita is down in the dumps: the lovely flower she has been looking after has faded. Pompon does everything he possibly can to cheer her up. | While Pompon is having fun playing doctors with Rit...

  • Poetic License | Plaster Cast | Too Lucky!

    Episode 10

    For Father's Day, Pompon writes a funny little poem for his dad. | Jealous of little Gabi, who is getting all the attention thanks to the plaster cast on his foot, Pompon makes believe that he too has a cast. | When Pompon learns that the top prize in the forest lottery is a trip in a basket carr...

  • I Want a Little Brother! | I'm Not Scared! | An Improvised Snack

    Episode 11

    Being an only cub, sometimes Pompon gets a bit bored. Especially when Mom and Dad are busy doing grown up stuff and can't play with him. If only he had a little brother or sister... | Pompon and Rita are very excited: tonight, they are sleeping outside in the tent! | Seeing Josie improvising a pi...

  • Captain Cutlery | Swerve the Nerves | When I'm Big

    Episode 12

    Pompon is given a mission of the greatest importance: setting the table. | To surprise Agnes the stork, who will soon be migrating to a warm country, Pompon and his friends are putting on a little play depicting her many journeys. | Pompon is tired of being a child. He's never allowed to do anyth...

  • Coconut Mystery | A Treasured Mother | The Hunt for Zarbidule

    Episode 13

    While playing together, Pompon and Rita see a funny brown oval object fall from the sky. | Hearing the legend claiming that there is treasure at the end of the rainbow, Pompon decides to embark upon a mother-and-son expedition to find it. | When Pompon and Rita hear the legend of the Zarbidule, t...