Wibbly Pig

Wibbly Pig

18 Episodes

Wibbly Pig is an animated preschool comedy series that finds humor and fun in the daily routine of a young child. Based on the hugely successful books by Mick Inkpen--and listed as one of the "Best Preschool TV Shows" by Common Sense Media--Wibbly Pig provides age-appropriate learning and inspires creative play and imagination.

Wibbly Pig
  • Wibbly Pig - Squiggle

    Episode 1

    Wibbly Pig is an animated preschool comedy series that finds humor and fun in the daily routine of a young child. Based on the hugely successful books by Mick Inkpen--and listed as one of the "Best Preschool TV Shows" by Common Sense Media--Wibbly Pig provides age-appropriate learning, and inspir...

  • Shadows | Castle | Flowerpots

    Episode 2

    Wibbly is making shadows on the wall. His shadow copies everything he does until it gets ideas of its own! | Wibbly has made a castle from cardboard boxes...and there is a Dragon inside! Wibbly meets a King and a Wizard who go with him to face the dragon. | Wibbly is planting a seed and he can't ...

  • Wibbly Can't Sleep | Cushion Mountain | Telescope

    Episode 3

    It doesn't matter which way he rolls, or if he turns the light off or on - Wibbly just can't sleep! | Wibbly STILL can't sleep. He can't get comfy, so he piles cushions until he has a cushion mountain! | Wibbly loves the way his telescope makes things look closer than they are! But then he sees a...

  • Star | Balloons | Boat

    Episode 4

    Wibbly is feeling nervous about the play he is going to act in. He needs a lucky star to make sure it goes well! | Wibbly is having a party and blowing up a lot of balloons, but they won't stay up in the air. He imagines floating high in the sky on a balloon. | Wibbly is using a cardboard box to ...

  • Noise | Dance | Everyone Hide

    Episode 5

    Wibbly hears a strange noise and doesn't know what it is. Together we decide to go and find it. | What sort of music makes you want to dance? Help Wibbly find the right tune. | The gang is playing hide and seek. Wibbly wants to find everyone so he doesn't have to be 'it' anymore.

  • Tent | Car | Spaceship

    Episode 6

    Wibbly makes a blanket into a tent. | Wibbly likes driving in his car but he doesn't know where he is going. | No one wants to help Wibbly clean his room! They would much rather play spaceships! But when their spaceship blasts into a galaxy that is cluttered with toys.

  • Bubbles | Big Aunt Larlie | Sandcastle

    Episode 7

    Wibbly got a new bubble kit, but everyone can blow perfect bubbles except him! | Ever since Wibbly was a piglet Larlie has knitted him an array of silly-looking, itchy suits. What will she bring him this visit? | Wibbly Pig and his friends plan the best sandcastle ever! But it is hard to mix the ...

  • Snowman | Rocking Horse | Orchestra

    Episode 8

    Wibbly and friends make a snow pig! | Wibbly gets a new rocking horse and dreams of being a cowboy. | Wibbly conducts his new orchestra... a chicken?

  • Grandpa Pig | Robot | Footprints

    Episode 9

    Wibbly is waiting for Grandpa and thinks of the fun things they've done together. | Wibbly makes a robot costume out of cardboard boxes. | Wibbly Pig is looking for his bucket and follows a trail of suspicious sandy footprints.

  • Puddle | Sneezes | Hats

    Episode 10

    Wibbly has fun, splashing, jumping, and running through puddles. | Wibbly friends are coming over to play, but Wibbly can't stop sneezing! | Wibbly is taking care of Grandpa's favorite hat, but the wind blows it off his head.

  • Jungle | Tickly Sweater | Friends

    Episode 11

    Wibbly is searching for a special jungle creature - one that very few people have ever seen. | Wibbly is doing some spring cleaning and must make a decision about an old favorite sweater. | It is great to have your friends around...at least that's what Wibbly thought before they all started tryin...

  • Circus | Kite | Trampoline

    Episode 12

    Wibbly meets a juggling clown. | Wibbly is flying his new kite when disaster strikes, and it lands in a puddle. | Wibbly is jumping on a trampoline and tries to bounce high enough to catch a runaway balloon.

  • Picnic | Self Portrait | Giant

    Episode 13

    Wibbly and his friends--the Big brown Bear and the little green Dragon--are meeting up to have a picnic and they all bring their own favorite foods! | Aunt Larlie loves Wibbly's paintings and really wants a picture of him - but how can Wibbly draw a picture of himself without a mirror? | When Wib...

  • Elephant | Mud Pie | Umbrella

    Episode 14

    Wibbly has made friends with an elephant! But it is hard for an elephant to play the games that Wibbly likes. | Wibbly and his friends team up to make the perfect mud pies. | It is raining and Wibbly has the only good umbrella. How will he and all his friends stay dry?

  • Rubber Ball | Train | Caterpillar

    Episode 15

    Wibbly has a very bouncy ball and it causes all kinds of trouble. | Wibbly and his friends ride a party train! | Wibbly's new friend, a caterpillar, eats everything in his path. When Wibbly loses track of him, he decides to follow the holes to see where the caterpillar has gotten to.

  • Dragon | Tiger | Cloud

    Episode 16

    When Wibbly finds an egg, he is surprised and happy when a baby dragon hatches from it! | Wibbly and Big Pig paint their faces and pretend to be jungle cats. | Wibbly loves the ways clouds seem to change into different things.

  • Bus | Airplane | Chicken

    Episode 17

    Wibbly has made a magic bus that can go anywhere! | Wibbly meets a lost penguin and decides to help her find her friends. | Wibbly is looking for a chicken who is looking for her eggs!

  • Dream | String | Home in Time for a Treat

    Episode 18

    Dreams of all the things he did to get ready for bed. | Wibbly finds a piece of string and wonders where it goes, so he starts to wind it up into a ball. | Wibbly wants to get home to Grandpa Pig who has promised him a special treat!