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Watch this video and more on Kidstream

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  • Picnic | Self Portrait | Giant

    Picnic: Wibbly and his friends--the Big brown Bear and the little green Dragon--are meeting up to have a picnic and they all bring their own favorite foods! Self Portrait: Aunt Larlie loves Wibbly's paintings and really wants a picture of him - but how can Wibbly draw a picture of himself without...

  • Elephant | Mud Pie | Umbrella

    Elephant: Wibbly has made friends with an elephant! But it is hard for an elephant to play the games that Wibbly likes. Mud Pie: Wibbly and his friends team up to make the perfect mud pies. Umbrella: It is raining and Wibbly has the only good umbrella. How will he and all his friends stay dry?

  • Rubber Ball | Train | Caterpillar

    Rubber Ball: Wibbly has a very bouncy ball and it causes all kinds of trouble. Train: Wibbly and his friends ride a party train! Caterpillar: Wibbly's new friend, a caterpillar, eats everything in his path. When Wibbly loses track of him, he decides to follow the holes to see where the caterpilla...