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Wibbly Pig

Wibbly Can't Sleep | Cushion Mountain | Telescope


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  • Star | Balloons | Boat

    Wibbly is feeling nervous about the play he is going to act in. He needs a lucky star to make sure it goes well! | Wibbly is having a party and blowing up a lot of balloons, but they won't stay up in the air. He imagines floating high in the sky on a balloon. | Wibbly is using a cardboard box to ...

  • Noise | Dance | Everyone Hide

    Wibbly hears a strange noise and doesn't know what it is. Together we decide to go and find it. | What sort of music makes you want to dance? Help Wibbly find the right tune. | The gang is playing hide and seek. Wibbly wants to find everyone so he doesn't have to be 'it' anymore.

  • Tent | Car | Spaceship

    Wibbly makes a blanket into a tent. | Wibbly likes driving in his car but he doesn't know where he is going. | No one wants to help Wibbly clean his room! They would much rather play spaceships! But when their spaceship blasts into a galaxy that is cluttered with toys.