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Max & Maestro

Max & Maestro

18 Episodes

Max is a fan of rap music who meets the greatest orchestra conductor in the world! El Maestro will help Max discover classical music and tell him that he has the perfect pitch. But classical isn't cool, so Max must learn in secret. The work of pianist and conductor, Daniel Barenboim and French hip-hop artist, Akhenaton teach the concepts of Great Music and each class is an adventure!

Max & Maestro
  • The Supersonic Ear

    Episode 1

    Max is a fan of rap music who meets the greatest orchestra conductor in the world! But classical isn't cool, so Max must learn in secret. | When he accidentally kicks his soccer ball into his weird neighbor's garden, the 11 year-old Max Bellerose meets the world famous conductor and pianist Danie...

  • The March Thang | The Surprise | Lamia's Secret

    Episode 2

    Maestro Barenboim lends Max some precious Mozart scores. But after a soccer match, Max loses the scores. | While working on Haydn's Surprise with the Maestro, Max is inspired to organize a surprise birthday for this dad. | After a bad day, Max visits the Maestro who decides it's time to look at t...

  • His Master's Ear | May the Intensity be With You | The Challenge

    Episode 3

    Max is wrapped up in Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody and doesn't notice Leon is being bullied. | Max and buddies must rehearse a drama scene for school. When Max asks the Maestro for advice how to bring out the best in their performance, the Maestro suggests they play with intensity rather than force....

  • Edward and the Ninjas | The Masked Pianist | Storm in an Aquarium

    Episode 4

    Bak discovers a love for heavy metal. He stops rehearsing with the Ninjas and becomes best buddies with his guitar teacher. | During a hip-hop duel, Max realizes that he doesn't have the "natural talent" to improvise like Bak. Max learns how hard Bak trains every day to attain his verbal dexterit...

  • Leon in Love | Carmen's Triangle | Family Challenge

    Episode 5

    Leon is head over heels in love with his pretty schoolmate and doesn't know what to do with himself. | For the International Day of Women's Rights, the neighborhood is organizing a battle of the bands. Any band entering must have at least one female member. | To help his dad buy a new taxi, Max e...

  • Music Wars | Matter of Honor | The Piano Champion

    Episode 6

    The annual music festival has arrived, and the Ninjas must share the stage with a group of old-timer accordion players from the retirement home. | Max's school starts a competition to find the best project to send to the international school festival in Rio. | The Maestro has signed Max up for a ...

  • Max, Mute & Maestro | Bak's Bum Note | Off-Side

    Episode 7

    When Lamia finds out that Max has been using her to get the best grade possible for his class presentation, she refuses to speak to him. | When Bakary realizes he can no longer hit the high notes so crucial to his singing style, he leaves the group and holes himself up in his bedroom. | The T-Rex...

  • M for Mozart | Lamia's Dance | Mission: Harmony

    Episode 8

    It's the Maestro's birthday and Max has penned an original composition for him. But when he hears what Mozart was writing at his age, Max loses confidence. | During rehearsals for her classical dance show, Lamia struggles to dance in time. | To welcome his mother's visit in style, Didier wants to...

  • A Deaf Ear | Blown Away | The Egg Quartet

    Episode 9

    A broken arm keeps Leon from taking part in a graffiti festival, which would have been a perfect opportunity to impress Tara. | Bak is in love with the new girl at school. Max discovers the new girl is a cellist who is visiting to play a concert for the Maestro. | Max and buddies discover a beaut...

  • Max Goes Solo | My Heart Can't Decide | Max's Big Choice

    Episode 10

    Unfortunately for Max the date of his field trip coincides with the visit of the Maestro's former tutor. | Sandra and Didier want to throw a huge party to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but each has different ideas about what makes a good party. | The Ninjas enter an audition to record a tr...

  • Music Helps Those Who Help Themselves | The Witch of the Park | Tango Colors

    Episode 11

    The Ninjas' sound system frazzles and the band are due to play live. In their quest to find the cash to buy a new one, they have a yard sale. | While playing soccer in the park, the Ninjas can't help but feel there's an old lady giving them the evil eye. | The dilapidated wall along the mall need...

  • May the Best Guy Win | The Pleasure of Giving | Leon's Audition

    Episode 12

    Max and Bak both decide to run for the position of class delegate. | Max, Bakary and Leon forget Lamia's birthday. To make up for their oversight, Max invites Lamia to a rehearsal at the Maestro's mansion. | Leon enrolls for a theater audition. The competition tough and Leon's confidence is low. ...

  • Copy & Paste | Impossible Harmony | Not So Easy

    Episode 13

    When he sees his standing in the school magazine popularity ratings plummet, Bak decides to become buddies with the school's "cool-kid", Ricardo. | Max is teamed up with the school hunk, Ricardo, to produce a class presentation. Max is crestfallen. He has nothing in common with his fashion-victim...

  • Lamia's Leaving | Max in Crescendo | The Dragon of the Mansion

    Episode 14

    Lamia has entered an exam for a study year in London and Max is devastated. | The Ninja's break a vase and set out in search of jobs to replace it. | The words of Leon's new song wound Max's pride and he can't shake off his anger. To make better use of his wrath, the Maestro advises him to channe...

  • Penalty | Mirror, Mirror on the Wall | Didier's Comeback

    Episode 15

    When a friend's pet dies, the Maestro gets Max to study a Mozart sonata to understand that conflicting emotions can exist side-by-side. | Listening to a recording of his last piano lesson, Max can only hear his mistakes. | Didier is set for his big stage comeback, just like the good-old-days. Unf...

  • Super Omar | The Childhood Friend | Welcome to the Club

    Episode 16

    The Ninjas want to throw a party in their rehearsal studio. The parents agree on the one condition that they find a big kid from the high school to supervise. | Lamia is reunited with a dear childhood friend and abandons her Ninja management role. | Lamia is furious when she discovers that girls ...

  • Head in the Clouds | Learning to Forget | Great Teamwork

    Episode 17

    Caught up in Debussy, Max disregards the special event that Lamia is organizing to mark the total lunar eclipse. | Short of inspiration, the Ninjas blame their rehearsal studio for their writer's block. | When the school soccer team asks Bak for a trial, Bak is over the moon. Overawed with the id...

  • Malika's Moonlight | The Mystery Prodigy, Part 1 and Part 2

    Episode 18

    The Ninjas want to cheer Malika up. Each offers their own solution, but nobody hits the nail on the head. | The Maestro is proud of his pupil and suggests they play together at the annual music festival. At first petrified by the idea, Max slowly comes around. | Bak and Leon are furious: Max has ...