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Watch this video and more on Kidstream

Earth to Luna!

Ice Cold | Aloha, Luna


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    When the trio go to the top of Mount Vesuvius, they are surprised to see steam rising from the crater and they learn that it is expected to erupt again. What exactly is a volcano and why do they erupt? Luna’s family is traveling in the desert. Noticing how sandstorms seem to change their surround...

  • Hot or Cold? | Out of Breath!

    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are in the desert. They are surprised by how quickly the temperature drops at night. Why does it get so hot in the desert during the day and so cold at night? Luna’s family is climbing Pike’s Peak. A the top, they're surprised to find that moving is more tiring, and it fee...

  • It's All Rosey | Blue Giants

    Luna's family discovers Pink Lakes on a Caribbean Island full of pink flamingos. Why are flamingos pink? The trio transform into baby flamingos to find out. Learn about whales and their habits. Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are excited to see a blue whale for the very first time. They are amazed at the...