Earth to Luna!

Earth to Luna!

2 Seasons

For Luna, 6, the world is a giant laboratory filled with opportunities to learn about what things are, and why and how scientific actions take place. Luna's passion for science prompts her exploration of the world with energy and enthusiasm.

Earth to Luna!
  • Northern Lights | Dolphin Talk

    Episode 1

    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are playing soccer when they witness something spectacular, the Aurora Borealis! Their new friends explain that it’s their ancestors playing soccer, but Luna’s just gotta know . . . What is happening here? Luna, Jupiter and Clyde see some dolphins making all sorts of noise...

  • Pyramids of the Past | Water Festival

    Episode 2

    How did ancient civilizations build such huge monuments? Luna’s family is doing research in Teotihuacan and they wonder, how exactly was this city built? Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are visiting an elephant sanctuary during Thai New Year. As they help paint an elephant for the festivities, they begin...

  • Ice Cold | Aloha, Luna

    Episode 3

    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are ice fishing with their friend Saliluk. When they go inside an igloo to warm up, they are surprised to find it toasty warm inside. How can something made of snow be warm? What’s happening here? Luna and her family are in Hawaii. Everyone is excited to learn how to surf,...

  • Kaboom | Lost in the Desert

    Episode 4

    When the trio go to the top of Mount Vesuvius, they are surprised to see steam rising from the crater and they learn that it is expected to erupt again. What exactly is a volcano and why do they erupt? Luna’s family is traveling in the desert. Noticing how sandstorms seem to change their surround...

  • Earth to Luna! - Hot or Cold? | Out of Breath!

    Episode 5

    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are in the desert. They are surprised by how quickly the temperature drops at night. Why does it get so hot in the desert during the day and so cold at night? Luna’s family is climbing Pike’s Peak. A the top, they're surprised to find that moving is more tiring, and it fee...

  • It's All Rosey | Blue Giants

    Episode 6

    Luna's family discovers Pink Lakes on a Caribbean Island full of pink flamingos. Why are flamingos pink? The trio transform into baby flamingos to find out. Learn about whales and their habits. Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are excited to see a blue whale for the very first time. They are amazed at the...

  • Aussie Animal | The Coral Choral

    Episode 7

    Luna's family is enjoying time in Australia. They see an animal they don't recognize and think it must be imaginary. But it's a real animal called a platypus. What is a platypus? Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde are on a canoe ride around the islands of Papua New Guinea. The water is crystal clear, and t...

  • All Stretched Out | Voyager’s Voyage

    Episode 8

    Luna's family is at a sanctuary in Africa when they see a herd of zebras with a giraffe towering over them. It gets them wondering . . . how did the giraffe's neck get so long? While visiting the ALMA observatory in the Atacama Desert, Luna, Jupiter and Clyde hear about Voyager 1 for the first t...

  • White as Snow | Green Island

    Episode 9

    Luna's family is visiting a small polar bear research center in Arctic Russia. Jupiter spots a polar bear that disappears before the others see it. This gets Luna wondering, why are polar bears white? When they see a frog hop onto a lily pad, Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde notice how exceptionally stro...

  • A Pain in the Tooth | Say Cheese

    Episode 10

    Luna's family is visiting India. When Jupiter loses his toothbrush, the trio is surprised to find that some cultures use twigs as toothbrushes! It gets them wondering, why do we brush our teeth? And what are cavities Going through some of Dad's photos for work, the trio gets to wondering, how do...

  • Earth to Luna: Tree of Life | Rays of Sunshine

    Episode 11

    Luna's family is traveling in western Samoa and they learn the amazing things that can be done with coconut trees. They drink some coconut water and wonder . . . how does the coconut water get in the coconut? Discover that solar energy can transform into chemical energy (sugar). After seeing dif...

  • Solid as a Rock | Once a Year

    Episode 12

    Luna's family is exploring ancient ruins in Israel when they notice two stone arches still standing after thousands of years. It gets them wondering, how do stone arches stay together like that? It's Jupiter's birthday! His friends tell him his birthday is during the "enchente de Jararaca". The c...

  • Hanging Tight | Watermelon Tree

    Episode 13

    Luna's family is visiting an amazing cenote in Mexico. When Luna spots some spectacular stalactites, she gets to wondering, what exactly are stalactites? Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde are visiting a watermelon plantation in Africa. They are excited to see watermelon trees, but to their surprise they f...