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Earth to Luna!

It's All Rosey | Blue Giants


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  • Aussie Animal | The Coral Choral

    Luna's family is enjoying time in Australia. They see an animal they don't recognize and think it must be imaginary. But it's a real animal called a platypus. What is a platypus? Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde are on a canoe ride around the islands of Papua New Guinea. The water is crystal clear, and t...

  • All Stretched Out | Voyager’s Voyage

    Luna's family is at a sanctuary in Africa when they see a herd of zebras with a giraffe towering over them. It gets them wondering . . . how did the giraffe's neck get so long? While visiting the ALMA observatory in the Atacama Desert, Luna, Jupiter and Clyde hear about Voyager 1 for the first t...

  • White as Snow | Green Island

    Luna's family is visiting a small polar bear research center in Arctic Russia. Jupiter spots a polar bear that disappears before the others see it. This gets Luna wondering, why are polar bears white? When they see a frog hop onto a lily pad, Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde notice how exceptionally stro...