Book Hungry Bears

Book Hungry Bears

52 Episodes

Here come the Bears, the Book Hungry Bears, looking for books, with stories to share! Join Crystal, Boomer, Melody and Scout as they search amongst the paper trees for a new book to share. Then get "close and comfy" with them as they settle down to enjoy the book together, sharing the delight of the narrative and learning about each other and the incredible world around them.

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Book Hungry Bears
  • Scout's Apple

    Episode 25

    Scout persists trying to get an apple from a tree with the help of his friends, so he can give it to a pig on the farm. The Bears learn not to give up! If at first you don't succeed, try, and try again. BOOK: 'Where's My Stick?' A dog buries stick after stick but each time she goes to look for th...

  • Scout and Lamby-cone

    Episode 26

    Scout wants to play on his own, but his friends ask to play with him. The Bears learn that playing can be just as much fun on your own as with someone else. BOOK: 'Play Ball'. A baby penguin loves playing with its ball - alone and with friends!

  • Book Hungry Bears: Boomer's Snowball

    Episode 27

    Boomer tries to keep a special snowball he has made but it keeps getting smaller as it melts in the Bears' paws. His friends each pitch in with a creative suggestion as to how to keep it from melting and end up with the best solution- they make a snow bear and place the snowball in its cold paw. ...

  • Melody and the Big Hill

    Episode 28

    The Bears climb a big hill to reach a book, but Melody slows them down. The others create different ways of motivating Melody to keep climbing. In the end, it is Melody who has to invent a way to get her friends to make it all the way to the top to enjoy the view. BOOK: 'Soon'. A baby elephant an...

  • Crystal's Best Bird

    Episode 29

    The Bears learn that everyone is different, with different strengths and talents. When the Bears pretend to be birds, Crystal has a hard time finding which bird is the best bird for her to be. BOOK: “A Busy Day for Birds”. The book invites the reader to imagine they are different types of busy bi...

  • Crystal the Curious

    Episode 30

    The Bears learn that using clues can help solve a puzzle. Crystal figures out what it is her friends see by asking them for specific descriptions and then solving the mystery of the bush-snake-bird, which turns out to be a peacock. BOOK: 'A Bit Lost'. An owlet falls out of the nest and other anim...

  • Boomer Hides

    Episode 31

    Boomer has problems playing 'Where Are You Bears?' because he doesn't like being alone. He learns that it is normal to miss your friends and family when you are separated from them for a while. BOOK: 'Owl Babies'. Three baby owls miss their mother when she leaves them alone to go hunting

  • Crystal's Surprise

    Episode 32

    When Crystal and Scout try to make a surprise Snow Bear for Boomer and Melody, they are confused when Boomer and Melody make the same surprise for them. BOOK: 'Handa's Surprise'. Handa carries a basket of fruit on her head and walks to the next village to surprise her friend. But along the way, s...

  • Book Hungry Bears: Melody and the Red Leaf

    Episode 33

    Melody thinks her dancing has made a leaf turn red and fall from a tree and wants to put it back. She learns that it is natural for things to change, and that a fallen leaf signals a change of season- from summer to autumn. BOOK: 'My Turn'. Showing how the four seasons bring change to the surroun...

  • Boomer's Boom Boom Blue

    Episode 34

    Boomer loves to play 'Boom, Boom Blue' but has trouble adapting when others want to change the game. He learns how to be flexible and try different things. BOOK: 'Purple'. Monster One likes red, Monster Two likes blue. But when some red paint falls into the blue can they mix it up, so it turns pu...

  • Crystal's Log

    Episode 35

    Crystal finds a log and tries to find a way for all the Bears to play with it. She almost gives up, but then discovers that the log is best used for leaning on when reading a good book. BOOK: “The Last Crayon”. Six squirrels discover a pack of crayons, and each chooses a color that matches them, ...

  • Boomer and the Babies

    Episode 36

    The Bears hunt for books near a farm, but when they come across a baby bird and baby horse, Boomer can't understand why they can't do things that all birds and horses can do. BOOK: 'Kitten's Spring'. A story about mothers and their babies in spring and the sounds they make. Kitten visits them all...

  • Scout the Scarecrow

    Episode 37

    Scout is startled by a crow and is upset that he scares so easily. So, when the Bears come across a scarecrow, Scout decides he will be a scarecrow too! BOOK: 'Me and You'. Two very different friends explore what it would be like to be each other… and discover they are best just the way they are.

  • Melody's Kittens

    Episode 38

    Melody wants to pretend she's a mother cat and her friends are her little kittens, but the others each want to be their own different animals. Melody learns that parents can love all kinds of babies. BOOK: 'Which Egg?' A stork, a parrot and a crocodile get their eggs mixed up and come together to...

  • Boomer the Great Juggler

    Episode 39

    The Bears learn that sharing can bring others happiness when Boomer, who is having fun juggling three pinecones, gives each one away to his friends in need until he has none left for himself. BOOK: 'One Bird Band'. A musical bird gives all its instruments away to cheer up others, leaving him with...

  • Melody's Sandcastle Stomp

    Episode 40

    The Bears learn that you can play together in different ways when Melody wants to be a sandcastle, but her friends want to be dinosaurs. Melody must use her creativity and flexibility to find a way to play together. BOOK: 'Bobby's Castle'. Salma's persistence, creativity & positive attitude encou...

  • Melody and the Book Band

    Episode 41

    The bears learn about the joy of rhythm and movement when Melody gets them to use their creativity to form a book band and use their music to attract books. But Melody has trouble finding her own special book band instrument. BOOK: 'Amazing Me! Dance!' Kids explore dancing and moving to the beat ...

  • Scout's Snuggles and Hugs

    Episode 42

    Scout wants to snuggle with his friends, but the other Bears thing that it is too hot. They change their minds and learn the power of a hug after reading a book in the shade. BOOK: 'Snug'. Various characters all enjoy getting close and snuggly, under blankets, in nests, in shells or burrows. It e...

  • Crystal Doesn't Know

    Episode 43

    The Bears come across a mysterious creature (a moose) that Crystal is convinced is a horse until she learns to admit that she doesn't know what it is. BOOK: 'My Tail's NOT Tired!' Little Monster does not want to go to bed and keeps demonstrating how each of its body parts are not tired until it c...

  • Scout's Turtle Friend

    Episode 44

    On the hunt for a book, Scout befriends a turtle and insists that the turtle can help them find books. The Bears learn to adjust to the challenges the turtle poses for them. BOOK: 'You and Me'. A child deals with the arrival of a younger sibling. There are challenges to this, but wonderful things...

  • Scout in Fairyland

    Episode 45

    When the Bears reach part of the forest without sunlight, Scout is hesitant to enter it. With Melody's help, Scout learns to use the power of imagination to help him overcome his fears and carry on. BOOK: 'Where Did You Go Today?' A child's imagination transforms a trip to the local playground in...

  • Scout's Search for Silence

    Episode 46

    Scout wants to find a quiet place to read today's story, but everywhere he and the others go on the farm, they come across noisy animals! The Bears learn that sound is everywhere, and even in the quietest moments, there is always something to hear if you take the time to stop and listen. BOOK: 'Q...

  • Super Book Bear Boomer

    Episode 47

    On the hunt for books, the bears become tired and need to rest – except for Boomer who is full of energy. Boomer keeps playing on his own and is excited to find a book but learns to respect other's need for rest when he starts to feel tired too. BOOK: 'Daddy Cuddle'. A young rabbit tries to wake ...

  • Scout Finds His Match

    Episode 48

    The Bears learn that finding similarities with others can be fun. When all the other Bears find animals, who are similar to them, Scout is determined to also find his animal match! BOOK: 'The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice'. A little girl tries to find someone to play with but keeps sc...