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Book Hungry Bears

Book Hungry Bears: Melody and the Red Leaf


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    Boomer loves to play 'Boom, Boom Blue' but has trouble adapting when others want to change the game. He learns how to be flexible and try different things. BOOK: 'Purple'. Monster One likes red, Monster Two likes blue. But when some red paint falls into the blue can they mix it up, so it turns pu...

  • Crystal's Log

    Crystal finds a log and tries to find a way for all the Bears to play with it. She almost gives up, but then discovers that the log is best used for leaning on when reading a good book. BOOK: “The Last Crayon”. Six squirrels discover a pack of crayons, and each chooses a color that matches them, ...

  • Boomer and the Babies

    The Bears hunt for books near a farm, but when they come across a baby bird and baby horse, Boomer can't understand why they can't do things that all birds and horses can do. BOOK: 'Kitten's Spring'. A story about mothers and their babies in spring and the sounds they make. Kitten visits them all...