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Book Hungry Bears

Boomer and the Babies


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  • Scout the Scarecrow

    Scout is startled by a crow and is upset that he scares so easily. So, when the Bears come across a scarecrow, Scout decides he will be a scarecrow too! BOOK: 'Me and You'. Two very different friends explore what it would be like to be each other… and discover they are best just the way they are.

  • Melody's Kittens

    Melody wants to pretend she's a mother cat and her friends are her little kittens, but the others each want to be their own different animals. Melody learns that parents can love all kinds of babies. BOOK: 'Which Egg?' A stork, a parrot and a crocodile get their eggs mixed up and come together to...

  • Boomer the Great Juggler

    The Bears learn that sharing can bring others happiness when Boomer, who is having fun juggling three pinecones, gives each one away to his friends in need until he has none left for himself. BOOK: 'One Bird Band'. A musical bird gives all its instruments away to cheer up others, leaving him with...