Book Hungry Bears

Book Hungry Bears

52 Episodes

Here come the Bears, the Book Hungry Bears, looking for books, with stories to share! Join Crystal, Boomer, Melody and Scout as they search amongst the paper trees for a new book to share. Then get "close and comfy" with them as they settle down to enjoy the book together, sharing the delight of the narrative and learning about each other and the incredible world around them.

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Book Hungry Bears
  • Book Hungry Bears - Boom! It’s Boomer

    Episode 1

    Boomer learns that even though he's just playing, his actions might seem different to his friends, especially Scout, and he needs to respect that. BOOK: 'Shh! My Brother's Napping' A little boy tries his best to stay quiet and not wake his sleeping baby brother.

  • The Melody Way

    Episode 2

    Melody's friends learn to respect her right to do things the way she wants, and Melody learns to have the confidence to stick with her plan despite her friends' thinking it isn't great. BOOK: 'Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That'. While everyone else is wide awake during the day, Nat the Cat is sleep...

  • Melody the Squirrel

    Episode 3

    Melody learns that to help her friend Squirrel, she needs to pay attention to what he really needs. She learns how to be a good helper by observing, asking and listening. BOOK: 'Where's Bunny?' A little girl helps her younger brother get ready for bed

  • Crystal Imagines

    Episode 4

    The Bears explore all the ways they can move their bodies. In pretend play, they copy the movements and positions of other animals. Crystal learns that she can express her imagination through movement. BOOK: 'Wild One'. A little girl moves around like different animals as she goes about her day.

  • Boomer Feels His Way

    Episode 5

    The Bears explore texture and Boomer discovers that descriptions of specific touch sensations can help them all find their way out of trouble. BOOK: 'How Do You Feel?' A hedgehog learns about the different textures of his animal friends – and that makes him feel happy!

  • Crystal Hears the Rain

    Episode 6

    Crystal is frustrated when the Bears are trapped under a rocky outcrop in a rainstorm, but she learns to love listening and imitating the sound of the rain. BOOK: 'On My Walk'. A little boy notices all the different sounds of nature while on a walk with his mom and his dog.

  • Melody's Look-for-a-Book Stick

    Episode 7

    The Bears explore some imaginative ways to play with a stick. They also practice adapting to change. Melody learns that when unexpected things happen, you don't have to stop playing - you can just change the game a little. BOOK: 'No-Matter-What Friend'. A man learns he will now have to play a lit...

  • Boomer's Toad Friend

    Episode 8

    The Bears demonstrate an understanding of the natural world and the need to care for the environment. Boomer discovers that the best way to befriend a little toad is to make sure he doesn't startle it by disturbing its habitat. BOOK: 'A Perfect Day' A bear is having a perfect day as he ambles abo...

  • Melody's Crabby Day

    Episode 9

    The Bears learn that a new playmate can add something fun and exciting to your project that you might not expect. Melody is upset when a new crab friend ruins her sandcastle, but she learns that the crab is only trying to play in a different way. BOOK: 'Scribble'. The shapes Circle, Square and Tr...

  • Scout Sees Everything

    Episode 10

    The Bears learn that everyone can look at the same thing and see something different. They learn to appreciate each other's point of view and imagination. Scout learns that his friends see things differently; there isn't one right way. BOOK: 'Picture the Sky'. The book describes the many ways the...

  • Melody Can Be Anything

    Episode 11

    The Bears learn to value their similarities AND differences. Melody tries to be like her friends and realizes that she is similar to each of them in some ways while different in others, and in some ways, they are ALL the same. BOOK: 'Fox and Squirrel'. Squirrel learns that he and his friend Fox a...

  • Crystal Pines for Cones

    Episode 12

    The Bears learn about moderation. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Crystal learns that she doesn't have to keep EVERY pinecone she or her friends see. BOOK: 'Laundry Day'. Two brother badgers have fun helping their mother hang laundry on the line. But they soon get carried away an...

  • Scout and the Snoozy Snuggly

    Episode 13

    Scout and his friends help a baby duckling settle down for a nap by figuring out calm activities to help him and a routine. BOOK: 'Sweet Dreams, Pout-Pout Fish'. Pout-Pout Fish follows his bedtime routine to help him go to sleep for the night.

  • Crystal and the Caterpillar

    Episode 14

    The Bears observe a caterpillar, how it looks and feels; its movements; and model empathy by releasing it after a short time. Crystal learns that some things aren't as scary once you get to know them. BOOK: 'Muddle and Mo's Rainy Day'. Muddle helps his friend Mo learn to enjoy playing in the rain.

  • Melody and the Magic Hole

    Episode 15

    Melody thinks she has discovered a magic hole with a magical fairy living in it. But when she learns it is a rabbit's hole, Melody wants to make friends with the grumpy rabbit. BOOK: 'I Am an Artist'. A young girl makes wonderful scriptures and art out of objects she finds in nature – in the fore...

  • Crystal and the Cock-a-Doodle-Don't

    Episode 16

    Crystal expects a rooster to crow when the sun comes up but learns that her new friend wants to finish his morning routine first. The Bears learn that routines can make you feel ready to accomplish your task. BOOK: 'It's Time for Bed'. A little girl needs to follow her bedtime routine – running a...

  • Melody's Missing Crown

    Episode 17

    The Bears learn not to be too quick to jump to conclusions. When Melody loses her dandelion chain crown, she learns not to make assumptions about what happened, and to look more carefully to find it. BOOK: 'Did You Eat the Parakeet?' A little girl can't find her parakeet anywhere (it is perched o...

  • Boomer's Parade

    Episode 18

    Boomer leads a parade in ways that challenge his friends until they aren't having fun anymore. But he is surprised to find that they still love him and still want to play his games. The Bears learn that love and friendship are unconditional. BOOK: 'Why Do You Love Me?' A boy and his dad go on a w...

  • Melody the Fabulous Finder

    Episode 19

    Melody learns that when animals blend into their environment (camouflage), it is harder to find them. She learns that to observe well you must be patient and look closely. BOOK: 'Have You Seen Elephant?' A boy has a hard time finding his friend elephant who is hiding in and around the house.

  • Scout and the Fireflies

    Episode 20

    Fireflies are Scout's favourite things, but he is upset when he can't find any. He learns that one can be passionate about and interested in more than one thing at a time and takes an interest in twinkling stars. BOOK: 'Daniel's Dinosaurs'. Daniel is so fixated on dinosaurs that he imagines seei...

  • Boomer and the Beaver Bears

    Episode 21

    When a beaver needs help building a dam, the Bears learn about sharing and helping someone in need. Boomer comes to realize that kindness sometimes means giving up something precious to you for someone else. BOOK: 'A World of Kindness'. Displays the many ways young children can show kindness.

  • Scout and the LoggieLooBoo

    Episode 22

    Scout discovers that the frightening LoggieLooBoo, a mysterious creature Melody told him about, is really just two squirrels playing in a hollow log. He learns that things may not be as scary once you know what they are. BOOK: 'Whose Big Teeth Are These?' The scary features of a mysterious creatu...

  • Scout and the Special Stone

    Episode 23

    The Bears learn about possession: 'mine', 'yours' and 'ours', when Scout finds a special stone on the beach and suggests the other Bears all find one too. When the stones get mixed up together, Scout suggests that all the stones are 'ours'. BOOK: 'The Trip'. A little girl and her dog take a trip ...

  • Boomer and the Opposites Day

    Episode 24

    Boomer realizes that busy times seem to pass quickly, and quieter times seem to pass slowly for him. The Bears have physical fun learning opposites to inspire and describe different ways to move. BOOK: 'The Quickly Slowly Day'. A little bear cub and his mom go about their daily activities and the...