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Book Hungry Bears

Scout and the Fireflies


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  • Boomer and the Beaver Bears

    When a beaver needs help building a dam, the Bears learn about sharing and helping someone in need. Boomer comes to realize that kindness sometimes means giving up something precious to you for someone else. BOOK: 'A World of Kindness'. Displays the many ways young children can show kindness.

  • Scout and the LoggieLooBoo

    Scout discovers that the frightening LoggieLooBoo, a mysterious creature Melody told him about, is really just two squirrels playing in a hollow log. He learns that things may not be as scary once you know what they are. BOOK: 'Whose Big Teeth Are These?' The scary features of a mysterious creatu...

  • Scout and the Special Stone

    The Bears learn about possession: 'mine', 'yours' and 'ours', when Scout finds a special stone on the beach and suggests the other Bears all find one too. When the stones get mixed up together, Scout suggests that all the stones are 'ours'. BOOK: 'The Trip'. A little girl and her dog take a trip ...