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Book Hungry Bears

Melody the Fabulous Finder


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  • Scout and the Fireflies

    Fireflies are Scout's favourite things, but he is upset when he can't find any. He learns that one can be passionate about and interested in more than one thing at a time and takes an interest in twinkling stars. BOOK: 'Daniel's Dinosaurs'. Daniel is so fixated on dinosaurs that he imagines seei...

  • Boomer and the Beaver Bears

    When a beaver needs help building a dam, the Bears learn about sharing and helping someone in need. Boomer comes to realize that kindness sometimes means giving up something precious to you for someone else. BOOK: 'A World of Kindness'. Displays the many ways young children can show kindness.

  • Scout and the LoggieLooBoo

    Scout discovers that the frightening LoggieLooBoo, a mysterious creature Melody told him about, is really just two squirrels playing in a hollow log. He learns that things may not be as scary once you know what they are. BOOK: 'Whose Big Teeth Are These?' The scary features of a mysterious creatu...