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Watch this video and more on Kidstream

Earth to Luna!

Crab Walk | So Much Water


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  • Floating Along | Friendly Ants

    Luna’s family is visiting the Dead Sea. When they get in the water, they discover that it’s incredibly easy to float! Could the water from the Dead Sea be different than regular water? Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are in Hawaii when they notice ants heading into their camper. But why do the ants walk...

  • Wiggle Worms | Wonder Islands

    Luna’s family has stopped at Plum Creek Ranch to visit Grandma & Grandpa. As they help Grandma plant her new tomatoes, they are surprised to find worms wiggling around in the dirt. What’s even more surprising is Grandma wants them there! Why is that? During a trip in the Caribbean, Luna, Jupi...

  • Let It Lean | The Scent of Spring

    When Luna and her family visit the leaning tower of Pisa, they are surprised to see the building really is leaning. How can it lean like that and not fall over? Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde are playing with their Indian friends. When it starts raining, the twins tell them that their ancestors used to...