Earth to Luna!

Earth to Luna!

2 Seasons

For Luna, 6, the world is a giant laboratory filled with opportunities to learn about what things are, and why and how scientific actions take place. Luna's passion for science prompts her exploration of the world with energy and enthusiasm.

Earth to Luna!
  • Pearly Whites | Hello, hello!

    Episode 1

    Luna’s family is visiting a coastal town in Japan. When their friend finds a rare pearl in an oyster, it gets them wondering . . . How do pearls get inside oysters? After talking to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone, the trio get to wondering . . . how do telephones work? They begin a fun invest...

  • Crab Walk | So Much Water

    Episode 2

    Luna’s family notices something interesting as they head to the beach – tons of crabs eating leaves. But later, when they return, the crab burrows are covered with water and the crabs aren’t there! Where could they be? While exploring the region of Bonito in Brazil, Luna, Jupiter, Clyde and Alice...

  • Floating Along | Friendly Ants

    Episode 3

    Luna’s family is visiting the Dead Sea. When they get in the water, they discover that it’s incredibly easy to float! Could the water from the Dead Sea be different than regular water? Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are in Hawaii when they notice ants heading into their camper. But why do the ants walk...

  • Earth to Luna: Wiggle Worms | Wonder Islands

    Episode 4

    Luna’s family has stopped at Plum Creek Ranch to visit Grandma & Grandpa. As they help Grandma plant her new tomatoes, they are surprised to find worms wiggling around in the dirt. What’s even more surprising is Grandma wants them there! Why is that? During a trip in the Caribbean, Luna, Jupiter,...

  • Let It Lean | The Scent of Spring

    Episode 5

    When Luna and her family visit the leaning tower of Pisa, they are surprised to see the building really is leaning. How can it lean like that and not fall over? Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde are playing with their Indian friends. When it starts raining, the twins tell them that their ancestors used to...

  • Flying Backwards | Red Hot

    Episode 6

    While picnicking in a park in Santiago, Luna’s family spots a pretty hummingbird. The trio is surprised when they see the bird fly backwards . . . Birds can fly backwards? Luna and her family are on a beach in France. When Jupiter gets a red spot where he didn’t put his sunblock on correctly, it...

  • Flying Vs | Spots

    Episode 7

    Luna’s family is watching an air show with some friends. When fighter jets fly in V formation, they wonder why. Turns out it’s easier to fly long distances in V, they learned it from birds! Luna and her family are visiting the Wolong Reserve in China. They notice that pandas all seem to have spot...

  • Whirly Twirly Storm | Broken Bones

    Episode 8

    When visiting a humanitarian assistance center in Jamaica, the kids decide to do a dangerous experiment! After falling off her bike, Luna has her arm in a cast. Jupiter and Clyde are very worried. Luna tells them the doctor said it’s just to keep the arm immobilized until it’s fixed. But . . . J...

  • Earth to Luna: Yummy Dirt | Near and Far

    Episode 9

    Luna’s family is visiting a farm in Germany. Their friend, Greta, takes the left-over food scraps to compost and it gets the trio wondering how do food scraps make plants happy? Luna and her Grandparents are at the beach. When Grandpa wants to get a better look at a photo, he takes his glasses of...

  • Terrific Tentacles | Where’s The Sun?

    Episode 10

    Luna and her family are in Portugal, on an oceanographic research boat. When Clyde spots an octopus fitting through a very small hole, he wonders how that could be possible. Luna and her family are in Argentina where there is going to be an eclipse! The evening before, as her parents start tellin...

  • Earth to Luna: An Out of This World Special, Parts 1 and 2

    Episode 12

    Luna’s family has been invited to go live and work on a space station. It’s going to be the best experience ever! Luna and her family are amazed at just how magnificent it is! The trio set off to explore and wonder . . . What keeps the space station from falling and crashing into Earth? They’ve ...

  • Earth to Luna: Sights From Space | Floating Houses

    Episode 11

    When Luna’s family visits the Great Wall of China, they are all amazed to see just how big it really is. It’s so big you can see it from space! Luna’s family is in Holland riding their bikes down a canal in Amsterdam. The kids are surprised that some people in Amsterdam have houses on boats! Hous...

  • No More Straws! | Giant Pinwheels!

    Episode 13

    While drinking smoothies at the space station diner, the trio are surprised to learn that you can’t have plastic straws. It gets them wondering . . . what is wrong with plastic straws? Observing the planet Earth, Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde are amazed by the wind currents. They’re even more amazed ...

  • Earth to Luna's Christmas Movie

    Episode 14

    Earth to Luna Christmas Special!