Curious Crafting

Curious Crafting

20 Episodes

Host Mandisa Watts and friends show preschoolers the joys of crafting with everyday objects.

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Curious Crafting
  • Curious Crafting - Paper Plate Dinosaur | Waddling Penguin

    Episode 1

    Mandisa brings a dinosaur to life as a paper plate craft, and shows how you can make your own. | Penguins get around by waddling, and Mandisa's paper-plate penguin does just that.

  • Owls | Milk Carton School Bus

    Episode 2

    Mandisa shows Abbey and Sebastian how to turn a toilet paper roll into a new owl friend. | What can you do with an empty milk carton? Paint it yellow and turn it into a school bus!

  • Jumping Frog | Torn Paper Bee

    Episode 3

    Mandisa shows Arjay and Nia how to make a frog craft that can leap right off the table! | Buzz buzz! Today in the crafting room Mandisa reveals a bee craft to her friends Ellie and Luke.

  • Giraffe | Unicorn Hand Puppet

    Episode 4

    What animal has spots and a looooong neck? A giraffe! You can make one with a paper towel roll, construction paper, and paint. | Make your own unicorn hand puppet with a sparkly golden horn!

  • Paper Bag House | Teddy Bear Bag

    Episode 5

    Mandisa, Luke and Zanna build houses with a paper bag and colorful construction paper. | Crafts aren't just for decorating--you can wear them, too!

  • Paper Plate Ice Cream Cone | Rocking Shark

    Episode 6

    Mandisa and friends make paper-plate ice cream cones with many fun toppings and textures. | Mandisa, Arjay and Georgia make a Rocking Shark that looks like it's swimming in the ocean.

  • Cardboard Box Firetruck | Puffy Paint Cupcake

    Episode 7

    A coat of red paint and some bottle caps for sirens can turn a plain cardboard box into a fun firetruck. | Mandisa, Vanier and Zanna make rainbow cupcakes with homemade puffy paint.

  • Water Bottle Piggy Bank | Glowing Firefly

    Episode 8

    Make a piggy bank made from a recycled plastic water bottle! | Mandisa lights up the craft room with a fun firefly craft alongside helpers Nia and McKenna.

  • Paint Splat Monster | Stain Glass Window Snowman

    Episode 9

    Painting carefully can be fun, but it's also fun to let loose and make a mess! Mandisa and friends make a Paint Splat Monster.| Find out how you can make a snowman even when there's no snow.

  • Pop Up Rocket Ship Card | Milk Carton Birdhouse

    Episode 10

    Mandisa shows you how to make a cool rocket ship card that pops up when you open it. No engineering skills required, just your best paper-folding skills. | A bird-shaped birdhouse? You bet!

  • Bumble Bee Windsock | Paper Bag Zebra Puppet

    Episode 11

    With this adorable bumble bee windsock craft, you’ll always know which way the wind is blowing. | Paper bags make the perfect hand puppets.

  • Coffee Filter Butterfly | Tissue Paper Crab

    Episode 12

    Mandisa and friends use coffee filters and clothespins to make a butterfly. | Make a googly-eyed paper crab.

  • Airplane | Paper Chain Snake

    Episode 13

    Mandisa shows Frankie and Tristan how to make a propeller plane with an empty water bottle, construction paper and glue. It really spins! | Make a paper-chain snake.

  • Cupcake Liner Flowers | Paper Ladybug

    Episode 14

    Mandisa shows how to make easy and beautiful paper flowers from cupcake liners and craft sticks. | Mandisa and friends fold construction paper to make a three-dimensional ladybug.

  • Robot | Octopus

    Episode 15

    Bleep Bloop! Mandisa shows Vanier and Colette how to build a robot. | Make an octopus with Mandisa, Colette and Hugo.

  • Salad Spinner Lion | Turtle

    Episode 16

    Sometimes the things we need for a cool craft are right in our own kitchens. | Mandisa and friends are making cardboard turtles.

  • My Face | Rainbow Dragon

    Episode 17

    Mandisa and friends make self-portraits. | Mandisa, Tristan and Colette make fire-breathing dragons.

  • Farm Animal Puppets | Wooden Spoon People

    Episode 18

    Mandisa, McKenna and Arjay create a whole family of farm animal finger puppets. | Mandisa shows Vanier and Zanna how to make wooden spoon people to play with.

  • Crocodile | Cupcake Liner Fish

    Episode 19

    Mandisa, Nia and McKenna make a crocodile out of things we might normally throw away. | More crafty uses for cupcake liners.

  • Jellyfish Suncatcher | Paper Bag Fox Puppet

    Episode 20

    Make a Jellyfish Suncatcher with rainbow ribbons for tentacles. | Make a Paper Bag Fox Puppet.