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Construction Site

Big Rig | Who's The Boss


Up Next in Season 1

  • Start To Finish | Feeling Flat

    Diggs, Carrie, and Scooch are tired of the old machines always telling them what to do. | Scooch would like to find something he can do that Diggs can’t.

  • Grown Up For A Day | A Good Mixer

    When Diggs saves Carl from a nasty accident, the older machines decide it’s time he started hanging out with them. | The new machines have a lot of bricks to move, so many in fact that Diggs thinks they could use a little help from Maxine.

  • Look What I've Got | Carrie's Pallets

    Diggs has a shiny new attachment and is very proud of it--but doesn’t know what it does! | Carrie is a little jealous when the bigger machines get to landscape a new park so she decides to invent her own fork-lifting style.