Construction Site

Construction Site

7 Episodes

Enter the world of "Construction Site," a special place beyond the fence where, through the antics and adventures of trucks and construction machines, children are exposed to important messages about the nature of learning, thinking, and behaving. Children learn along with Diggs and his friends as they explore strategies and behaviors for learning and doing their best. Together, they discover that we can all think smarter and learn better.

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Construction Site
  • Construction Site - What I Do Best | What's The Plan?

    Episode 1

    When Diggs starts treating everyday jobs on the construction site as a competition, Bozer decides to introduce a real contest – the Machine Challenge! | Diggs and Scooch think they are helping Bozer save time by starting work on their own, but dig in the wrong place.

  • Idle Time | Listening Trouble

    Episode 2

    When there’s cement mix to be moved and Carrie’s feeling fired up, nothing can stop her – nothing except a flat battery that is! | When Bozer tells Diggs that he’s full of good ideas, he shares them with Scooch and Carrie. But Carrie’s got a few good ideas of her own!

  • There's No Place Like Home | Loud and Clear

    Episode 3

    Carl is preoccupied because he is missing the site where he was made. | Everybody’s reversing warning is clear and impressive – everyone’s except Scooch, that is.

  • Big Rig | Who's The Boss

    Episode 4

    Lug scoffs when he sees the newer machines playing at being Big Rig, the superhero truck--everybody knows there is no such thing as “extra vroom”! | Carrie thinks she’d make just as good a boss as Bozer and when he gives her the chance she’s determined to prove it.

  • Start To Finish | Feeling Flat

    Episode 5

    Diggs, Carrie, and Scooch are tired of the old machines always telling them what to do. | Scooch would like to find something he can do that Diggs can’t.

  • Grown Up For A Day | A Good Mixer

    Episode 6

    When Diggs saves Carl from a nasty accident, the older machines decide it’s time he started hanging out with them. | The new machines have a lot of bricks to move, so many in fact that Diggs thinks they could use a little help from Maxine.

  • Look What I've Got | Carrie's Pallets

    Episode 7

    Diggs has a shiny new attachment and is very proud of it--but doesn’t know what it does! | Carrie is a little jealous when the bigger machines get to landscape a new park so she decides to invent her own fork-lifting style.