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Barney & Friends

Movement | BJ’s Snack Attack


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    BJ and Riff find a pirate map, but to find the treasure, they must be able to count. Since Baby Bop has not learned to count yet, Barney offers to help teach her. | It's time for a music concert in the park. As Riff works on his "one-man band," the others make posters for the show. Everyone enjoy...

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    BJ learns that having a pet is a much bigger responsibility than he ever expected when he offers to take care of a friend's dog. When he accidentally loses the dog, everyone must work together to find it. | When Baby Bop's favorite teddy bear is torn, she wants to take him to the veterinarian for...

  • Winter | Summer

    When Baby Bop is surprised by the first day of chilly weather, it's Barney that helps her see that winter can be a wonderful time for fun. | On a sizzling summer day, Barney teaches BJ about all the fun activities you can do during the summer. BJ gets so excited that he corrals Riff into joining ...