Barney & Friends

Barney & Friends

2 Seasons

Barney, a friendly, purple T-Rex, comes to life through a child's imagination whenever he is needed, joined by a diverse cast of children and his dino pals Baby Bop and Riff. From pretending to be a pilot on a make-believe airplane, to pretending to be a pirate in search of buried treasure, Barney & Friends discover that creativity lets them soar on the wings of imagination! (Emmy Award Winner)

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Barney & Friends
  • Barney & Friends - Welcome, Cousin Riff | Special Skills

    Episode 1

    Barney has a tee-RIFF-ic surprise for BJ and Baby Bop! Their cousin Riff is moving to town! Riff surprises everyone with his awesome musical abilities and fun personality! | Barney suggests that BJ and Baby Bop put on a special show so Riff can see how much fun they have at the park. Riff is a li...

  • Airplanes | Boats

    Episode 2

    BJ brings his brand-new toy plane to the park. Unfortunately, curiosity gets the best of Riff, and he ends up taking the plane apart to see how it works. Luckily, BJ isn't mad when he finds out. Instead, he shows Riff how to put the plane back together again. | Baby Bop is having an exciting time...

  • Butterflies | Bugs

    Episode 3

    Baby Bop is sad because she lost her pet caterpillar, Monty. Barney and the others help her find it. Baby Bop is surprised to discover Monty inside a chrysalis. | Barney and Baby Bop are thrilled when BJ sets up a bug zoo in the caboose, but Riff isn't so sure he wants to be around bugs.

  • Shapes | Colors

    Episode 4

    Baby Bop, BJ and the children prepare for the Shapes Carnival. Riff knows he will do well at the carnival because he is wearing his lucky medal. When he loses the medal, Riff is afraid he won't be able to play the games. | When it starts to rain at the park, Baby Bop joins Barney and BJ inside th...

  • Seeing | Hearing

    Episode 5

    An ordinary game of "hide and seek" takes a not-so-ordinary turn when Baby Bop claims that an elephant is hiding in the park! | BJ and Riff engage in a friendly contest to see which of them can find (or make) the loudest sound. The playful competition continues to escalate…and along the way, the ...

  • Glad to Be Me | Arts

    Episode 6

    Riff has many special qualities, but sometimes, his shyness makes it hard for him to meet new friends. | Barney and the little dinosaurs enjoy an Art Festival. BJ and Riff share some "musical art" and Baby Bop shares a painting of a special friend…Barney! Barney reminds his friends everywhere tha...

  • Movement | BJ’s Snack Attack

    Episode 7

    When some children invite Barney to join them for a race, BJ and Baby Bop decide he'll need help. They show him how to get ready for the big race by warming up and stretching. | When BJ starts to feel sick after eating too many sweets, he lies down in hopes of feeling better. He has a dream about...

  • Barney & Friends: Counting & Letters

    Episode 8

    BJ and Riff find a pirate map, but to find the treasure, they must be able to count. Since Baby Bop has not learned to count yet, Barney offers to help teach her. | It's time for a music concert in the park. As Riff works on his "one-man band," the others make posters for the show. Everyone enjoy...

  • Pets | Vets

    Episode 9

    BJ learns that having a pet is a much bigger responsibility than he ever expected when he offers to take care of a friend's dog. When he accidentally loses the dog, everyone must work together to find it. | When Baby Bop's favorite teddy bear is torn, she wants to take him to the veterinarian for...

  • Winter | Summer

    Episode 10

    When Baby Bop is surprised by the first day of chilly weather, it's Barney that helps her see that winter can be a wonderful time for fun. | On a sizzling summer day, Barney teaches BJ about all the fun activities you can do during the summer. BJ gets so excited that he corrals Riff into joining ...

  • Caring | Rhythm

    Episode 11

    It's a special day at the park…it's Barney's birthday, and there are surprises around every corner. | Baby Bop is practicing her marching because she will be joining a real marching band and is having trouble keeping a beat. Barney, BJ, and Riff help Baby Bop learn about rhythm just in time for h...

  • Playing Games | Fun with Reading

    Episode 12

    Baby Bop has trouble following the rules and taking turns while playing games. Barney and Riff help her learn how to follow the rules and to see that rules make games fun for everyone! | BJ hurts his toe while pretending to be Captain Pickles. When Barney suggests he rest in the caboose, BJ becom...

  • Making Mistakes | Separation

    Episode 13

    BJ's enthusiastic efforts to decorate the park go awry when he accidentally paints the caboose several different colors. | Baby Bop can't wait for BJ and Riff to go on their camping trip so she can have Barney and the park all to herself! But, once they're gone, she discovers she misses them more...

  • Days of the Week | Sharing

    Episode 14

    BJ, Baby Bop and Riff can't wait for the petting zoo that is coming to the park. Barney helps them pass the time while teaching them about the days of the week. | Riff feels terrible when he accidentally wrecks BJ's beloved scooter. Riff and Baby Bop decide to have a sale in the park to raise mon...

  • Barney & Friends: Rabbits | Ducks and Fish

    Episode 15

    BJ is pretending to be a great detective and needs a mystery to solve! A case quickly comes his way when something nibbles on one of Baby Bop's healthy snacks. | Barney sees Riff protecting a nest full of duck eggs. Together, they leave the eggs to look for food for when the ducklings hatch. When...

  • Mother Goose | Fairy Tales

    Episode 16

    While playing in the caboose, BJ is surprised to learn that "The Land of Mother Goose" truly exists. Several Mother Goose characters have come to ask for help; parts of their rhymes are missing! | When Baby Bop catches Barney, BJ, Riff, and some children wrapping a mysterious present in the caboo...

  • Things I Can Do | Differences

    Episode 17

    Baby Bop isn't satisfied with the things she can do. She wants to play the keyboard like Riff and wants to be able to skate like Barney. Nobody can cheer her up, until she unexpectedly gets the whole park dancing! | When a wheelchair-bound child feels neglected, Barney steps in to help. He gently...

  • Dancing | Singing

    Episode 18

    Jamal has never danced before and is too shy to try. On the day of the big dance party in the park, Barney and his friends introduce Jamal to many kinds of dance. | Barney tells Baby Bop the story of "The Princess Without a Song to Sing." In this original fairytale, Baby Bop imagines herself as t...

  • Neighborhoods | Careers

    Episode 19

    Riff can't find his drumsticks anywhere. He knows he had them earlier in the day. Barney magically recreates neighborhood spots to help refresh Riff's memory. | Barney helps Baby Bop explore many different jobs. At the end of the day, Baby Bop has several different careers to consider for when sh...

  • China | Kenya

    Episode 20

    BJ is waiting for a special letter from his pen pal in China. The letter reveals that his pen pal is coming for a visit. With the help of friends in the park, BJ hurries to get the park ready. | Everyone is anxiously awaiting Mrs. Matuma's Harambee Dance Troupe to arrive. They finally arrive and ...