14 Episodes

Cooper, a giant sasquatch, leaves his home in the big city, and moves into the forest, forming an unlikely friendship with Poppy, a feisty pint-sized sugar glider.

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  • WildWoods - Arrival | Settee

    Episode 1

    Cooper the giant sasquatch arrives in the Wildwoods and forms an unlikely new friendship. | Cooper and Poppy set off to find the perfect log to sit on.

  • Island | Monster

    Episode 2

    Cooper and Poppy venture to a mysterious island . . . or do they? | Poppy becomes convinced that she and Cooper are being stalked by a scary monster.

  • Ka-Ding | Rain

    Episode 3

    Cooper challenges Poppy to a game that he's sure he will win. | Cooper discovers that Poppy has a very unusual reaction to rain.

  • Art | Tingle

    Episode 4

    Poppy and Cooper discover that they have very different attitudes to art. | When Cooper's tingly toe predicts rain, Poppy becomes convinced that stopping the tingle will stop the rain.

  • Birthday | Stars

    Episode 5

    Poppy declares that it's her birthday, sending Cooper into a party-organizing panic. | Spotting shooting stars is much harder than Cooper imagined.

  • Escargot | Nuts

    Episode 6

    Poppy becomes suspicious that Cooper has made a snack of her favorite snail, Frederick. | Poppy and Cooper are determined to catch a mysterious nut thief.

  • Squabble | Stick

    Episode 7

    A silly argument gets out of control causing Cooper to move out of the Den. | When Cooper finds the 'best stick ever', Poppy decides to claim it for herself.

  • Chrysalis | Test

    Episode 8

    Clumsy Cooper must look after a delicate chrysalis. | Cooper is determined to pass a tough test to win a Woodland Ranger badge.

  • Nectar | Divide

    Episode 9

    Poppy eats way too much sugary nectar which sends her totally hyper! | Poppy's plan to divide the den into two halves backfires when she finds that she needs Cooper's help.

  • Hibernation | Song

    Episode 10

    Poppy isn't happy to learn that Cooper is planning on hibernating for four months. | A jealous Poppy tries to impress Cooper into writing a song about her.

  • Flight | Race

    Episode 11

    Cooper's obsession with flying over the lake to the island ends in disaster. | When Poppy tries to cheat in a race against Cooper, she learns that winning isn't everything.

  • Cool | Guitar

    Episode 12

    Cooper's plan to keep himself cool goes very wrong. | Poppy damages Cooper's guitar and takes it away without telling Cooper!

  • Goodbye | Hello

    Episode 13

    Poppy and Cooper say goodbye to their old friend Frederick. | Poppy and Cooper meet three new tiny friends.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Episode 14

    Meet the team behind WildWoods.