Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom

26 Episodes

Tree Fu Tom is a magical and interactive action-adventure series which follows a young boy called Tom who can use movement magic to transform into a tiny but mighty magical superhero and travel to Treetopolis, an enchanted world in a tree at the bottom of his garden. Here, Tom meets his fantastical friends and has amazing, action-packed adventures. When events get out of control it is only with help from the audience performing Tree Fu moves, that Tom can create spectacular Big World Magic and save the day!

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Tree Fu Tom
  • Tiny Tom

    Episode 25

    Tom must tackle titanic troubles in Treetopolis as he is accidentally shrunk to the size of Twigs' toes! Tom faces the biggest challenge of his time in Treetopolis – literally! - trying to find a way to get back to his normal size amid musha mischief. Tiny Tom will need Big World Magic help from ...

  • The Lost Stone

    Episode 126

    Tom creates catastrophe when he loses the magic sapstone from his belt. A calm, quiet pond creature becomes a titanic cause of trouble for Tom and friends when it accidentally absorbs Tom's sapstone. How will Tom cope without his magic powers? He'll still need lots of Big World Magic help, but ca...