Thomas & Friends

Thomas & Friends

4 Seasons

There's a rich world to discover and explore with Thomas & Friends. Through their adventures, learn about friendship, fair play, teamwork and what it means to be a Really Useful Engine.

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Thomas & Friends
  • Rusty to the Rescue | Thomas & Stepney

    Episode 8

    Rusty sets off on a brave adventure. | Stepney's wishes come true at last.

  • Granpuff | Sleeping Beauty

    Episode 1

    Thomas tells the story of how Duke became Granpuff. | Duke was left alone in the shed after the mine closed down--until a group of visitors helped reunite him with his old friends.

  • Bowled Out | Train Stops Play

    Episode 9

    Diesel comes to regret being rude to the other engines. | Stepney accidentally disrupts a cricket match!

  • Four Little Engines | A Bad Day for Sir Handel

    Episode 3

    Sir Handel is having trouble with some rude trucks. Skarloey comes to help. | Sir Handel's bad temper gets him in trouble with Sir Topham Hatt.

  • Special Attraction | Mind that Bike

    Episode 13

    Toby's excitement at being the Special Attraction in the seaside parade soon turns to disappointment. | Percy accidentally breaks Tom the Postman's bicycle. So why is Tom happy about it?

  • Toad Stands By | Fish

    Episode 12

    Toad and Oliver teach the trucks a lesson. | Duck helps Henry get a big load of fish up Gordon's Hill.

  • Home at Last | Rock 'n' Roll

    Episode 5

    Skarloey arrives home from the menders to meet Duncan. | Duncan ignores Rusty's warning about a broken section of line and he is soon rocking 'n' rolling along the rails.

  • Thomas and the Special Letter | Bull's Eyes

    Episode 11

    The engines are going on a long trip. | Daisy soon regrets teasing Toby about being afraid of bulls.

  • Peter Sam & the Refreshment Lady | Trucks

    Episode 4

    In his hurry to connect with Henry, Peter Sam leaves the refreshment lady behind on the platform. | Sir Handel tricks Peter Sam into doing all his work, but things don't go as expected.

  • Bulldog | You Can't Win

    Episode 2

    Percy is eager to show off his new coat of paint. | Duke plays a trick on Stuart.

  • Special Funnel | Steamroller

    Episode 6

    Peter Sam needs a new funnel. | Skarloey tricks Sir Handel into a race with George the Steamroller. Who will win?

  • Passengers & Polish | Gallant Old Engine

    Episode 7

    Duncan is jealous of Skarloey. | Skarloey tells Duncan the story about how Rheneas saved the railway from closure.

  • Henry & the Elephant | Paint Pots & Queens

    Episode 10

    The circus comes to town! | It is a proud day for all the engines on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway as the Queen is coming to visit.