Thomas & Friends

Thomas & Friends

4 Seasons

There's a rich world to discover and explore with Thomas & Friends. Through their adventures, learn about friendship, fair play, teamwork and what it means to be a Really Useful Engine.

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Thomas & Friends
  • Better Late Than Never | Break Van

    Episode 8

    Rail delays make life difficult for Thomas and his friends. | Delightfully disorganized twin engines Donald and Douglas arrive from Scotland.

  • The Diseasel | Wrong Road

    Episode 11

    Some silly trucks cause trouble between BoCo and the twins. | Edward suggests Gordon run a branch line for a change.

  • Woolly Bear | Thomas & the Missing Christmas Tree

    Episode 13

    Percy makes Thomas late. | Sir Topham Hatt is planning a big celebration, but where is Thomas?

  • Bertie's Chase | Saved from Scrap

    Episode 2

    Thomas is late, Edward is impatient and the passengers are cross. Bertie races to the rescue. | Old-fashioned Trevor the Tractor Engine feels unwanted, but Edward knows how to cheer him up.

  • Thomas, Percy & the Coal | Cows

    Episode 1

    Thomas is a little too cheeky for his own good. | Edward has an accident. Gordon and Henry tease him about it when they learn why, but Edward has the last laugh.

  • Dirty Work | A Close Shave

    Episode 7

    Diesel makes trouble between Duck and the other engines. | Duck has a chase with runaway trucks and pays a surprise visit to a barber's shop.

  • Percy Takes the Plunge | Pop Goes the Diesel

    Episode 6

    Percy ignores a Danger sign, but soon learns his lesson. | The big engines are glad when Diesel arrives.

  • Old Iron | Thomas & Trevor

    Episode 3

    Some boys meddle with James's controls. | Thomas doubts Trevor's ability to help build the new harbor.

  • Daisy | Percy's Predicament

    Episode 10

    With Thomas in trouble, Sir Topham Hatt sends for Daisy to run his Railway. | Daisy is difficult.

  • The Deputation | Thomas Comes to Breakfast

    Episode 9

    Donald and Douglas come to Henry's rescue. | After showing off, Thomas finds himself an unwelcome guest in the Stationmaster's house.

  • Percy & the Signal | Duck Takes Charge

    Episode 4

    Percy enjoys playing tricks on the big engines but Gordon and James have a plan of their own. | Percy is pleased when a new engine called Duck arrives.

  • Percy & Harold | The Runaway

    Episode 5

    Harold the Helicopter is being a nuisance. | Duck looks after Annie and Clarabel while Thomas is ill.

  • Thomas & Friends: Edward's Exploit | Ghost Train

    Episode 12

    Gordon, James and Henry tease Edward about his age, but an accident on an important journey shows just how strong Edward can be. | Percy tells Thomas and Toby a ghost story.