The Sound Collector

The Sound Collector

30 Episodes

The Sound Collector is about sound as heard through the ears of a small but very active little child called the Sound Collector. He has a passion for sound despite the fact that he is very hard of hearing and spends his days discovering and using new sounds that he finds on his adventures, whether it's the blooping and popping of sea anemones, the hissing of the tide drawing back along a pebble beach, or the snores and snuffles of his best friend and pet Mole.

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The Sound Collector
  • Rockpool | Hello Cello

    Episode 1

    The Sound Collector and Mole discover the musical sounds of a rockpool on the beach. | The Sound Collector finds a cello, which makes a lot of different sounds. But whose is it?

  • Night Noises | Snorgesbord

    Episode 2

    Camping outside for the night, the Sound Collector has several unexpected visitors! | The Sound Collector is recording snores today as he makes an early morning outing.

  • How To Calm A Mole | Stormy Day

    Episode 3

    The Sound Collector has to calm an excitable Mole so that he can gather quiet sounds. | When Mole is unsure of a coming storm, the Sound Collector comforts her with sound.

  • The Lost Bear | Mole's Big Plant

    Episode 4

    The Sound Collector finds a lost teddy bear, and tries to help. | Mole's plant has outgrown the house--where can it go?

  • Way Up High | Tick Tock

    Episode 5

    The Sound Collector finds a way to record sound from the sky! | The Sound Collector visits a town and is surprised by the bird calls he finds.

  • Magical Sounds | A Night In The Day

    Episode 6

    Recording in the woods, the Sound Collector hears something very special. | Mole and the Sound Collector listen to the sounds of an eclipse.

  • Panning For Sound | No Luck, No Duck

    Episode 7

    The Sound Collector finds some litter and wonders what sounds he can make with it. | Using his duck caller, the Sound Collector sets off to try and find some ducks to talk to.

  • Scarecrow | Mood Music

    Episode 8

    The Sound Collector finds hidden sounds as he makes a new friend out in a field. | The Sound Collector discovers that music and sound can change how you feel.

  • Knock Knock | One Starry Night

    Episode 9

    When the Sound Collector hears a mysterious sound, he sets off to find out what it is. | The Sound Collector tries to help Mole hear the stars at night by giving them a sound.

  • Village Church | Sound Detector

    Episode 10

    Today's sound adventure is around bells, big and small. Mole isn't so sure . . . | The Sound Collector and Mole look for buried treaure, with surprising results.

  • The Sound of Steam | ReWilding

    Episode 11

    The Sound Collector tries to teach Mole a new trick. | The Sound Collector plays the sounds of trees.

  • Horse Power | Animal Talk

    Episode 12

    Horses' hooves make interesting sounds. | Mole takes a nap.

  • The Piano | Beachcombing

    Episode 13

    The Sound Collector learns how piano sounds are made. | The Sound Collector makes music by blowing into a shell.

  • Spring Clean | The Magic of Seeds

    Episode 14

    Mole is afraid of the noisy vacuum cleaner. | A delicious present from the Seed Collector.

  • Spooky Day | Bat Music

    Episode 15

    The Sound Collector records spooky sounds for Halloween. | A bat sonar detector allows the Sound Collector to hear things that humans normally can't hear.

  • Sounds of the Clouds | Harp Strings

    Episode 16

    The Sound Collector heads to the cliffs above the beach to record sounds from the sea. | The Sound Collector can feel music through vibrations.

  • The Sound Collector: Float Your Boat | Roar Power

    Episode 17

    The Sound Collector observes nature from his boat. | What's that roar?

  • Festival of Sound | Murmurations

    Episode 18

    The Sound Collector puts on a show for the Seed Collector and Hebe the Bee. | The starling's call is a bit shrill, but interesting all the same.

  • Squeak! | The Sound of Mole

    Episode 19

    Mole is startled by a puppy who is interested in her squeaky toy. | The Sound Collector does his chores.

  • Apple Bobbing | Loud Music

    Episode 20

    The Sound Collector heads to the orchard in search of the perfect apple for his pie. | Mole finds an old tape of the Sound Collector playing in a band.

  • Wake Up! | Wind Farm

    Episode 21

    Jumping in leaves makes a satisfying, crunchy sound. | The Sound Collector goes on a quest.

  • Meerkat Mayhem | Lost in the Fog

    Episode 22

    Mole uses her sense of smell to follow the Sound Collector to the Wildlife Park. | The Sound Collector gets lost in the fog.

  • Extremes | Buzzy Business

    Episode 23

    The Sound Collector explores loud sounds and quiet sounds. | The Sound Collector befriends a buzzy bee.

  • Mole's Magic Carpet | Echo Echo

    Episode 24

    The Sound Collector and Mole listen to tropical music on a cold, rainy day. | Walking in a tunnel, the Sound Collector notices that sounds echo, echo, echo!