The Charlie Shepherd Show

The Charlie Shepherd Show

26 Episodes

An animated talk show hosted by a funny and clumsy sheep who interviews all sorts of everyday objects. Humor, originality, unusual questions and funny answers! exclusive interviews with hard-hitting, never before asked questions! “They’ve always wanted to talk… They’ve just never had a place to do it!” –Charlie shepherd says of the everyday objects.

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The Charlie Shepherd Show
  • The Charlie Shepherd Show - Breakfast

    Episode 1

    Charlie interviews breakfast stars Egg, Pancake, and Fruit.

  • Happy Birthday!

    Episode 2

    Charlie's "Birthday Party" episode gets off to a rocky start when the main guest doesn't show up!

  • Beach Day

    Episode 0

    Enjoying the beach and getting inspiration, Charlie nearly misses his interview with Beach Umbrella and Sandcastle.

  • Frosty Cold

    Episode 4

    Charlie covers the stage in snow for a wintery theme! Joining him in this episode are comfy cozy Slipper Socks to tell the audience all about their adventures.

  • Nighty Night

    Episode 5

    Charlie didn’t get much sleep last night, but an interview with a very efficient Alarm Clock helps keep him alert.

  • Fru Fruit!

    Episode 6

    Charlie gets ready for his healthiest episode yet!

  • Run, Skip, and Play!

    Episode 7

    During the Guest Number, Charlie gives Domino a slap on the back, causing quite an effect. Oops!

  • Squeaky Clean

    Episode 8

    Charlie tries to interview Rubber Ducky--but no one can understand this guest's squeaky voice!

  • Test . . . One, Two, Three

    Episode 9

    Sound is the theme of the day, with guests who know how to amp things up: Microphone and Speakers.

  • Gooaaal!

    Episode 10

    Charlie interviews one of soccer’s biggest celebrities: Whistle. Will Charlie follow the rules or get a red card? After Game with Guests, Whistle will see how strong Charlie’s lungs are.

  • On the Table

    Episode 11

    Charlie welcomes the terrific trio Fork, Knife, and Spoon to the stage. When a pair of Chopsticks invade the studio, a heated debate is sparked about just who invented noodles and the right way to eat them.

  • It's Raining, It's Pouring

    Episode 12

    Charlie is in the field to interview one of nature’s most incredible phenomena: Rainbow!

  • Charlie Shepherd Show: Hitting the Road

    Episode 13

    Is it more fun to travel by plane, train, car or boat? How does Suitcase feel about working while on vacation? What does Car like better? Curvy roads or straight ones?

  • The Future is Here!

    Episode 14

    Can you wear a bowtie with a Spacesuit? Or will Charlie have to give up his favorite accessory in the future? These questions and more are answered in Charlie's most far-out interview yet.

  • Cha Cha Charlie!

    Episode 15

    Will Charlie get emotional during the So Many Feelings segment with his mom and dad? Yes, or definitely yes? Production team, a box of tissues, please.

  • Circle Square's Halloween!

    Episode 16

    Charlie has a couple of rather spooky guests lined up: Broom and Witch’s Cauldron.

  • Gone Camping!

    Episode 17

    Two big celebs meet for the first time off the campgrounds: Tent and Compass.

  • Movie Stars

    Episode 18

    It's lights, camera, action as Charlie welcomes two truly big stars: Popcorn and Movie Camera.

  • Ruff Ruff! Meow!

    Episode 19

    Charlie’s adopted a little pup and to answer all his questions he’s brought on some specialists on all things pet: Pet Bed and Ball.

  • Fun, Here I Come!

    Episode 20

    Roller Coaster Car and Carousel Horse are Charlie’s guests on this episode all about Amusement Parks.

  • The World of Music

    Episode 21

    Charlie talks with the famous Electric Guitar and Piano. What are their favorite songs to play? Do they get along well with all the other instruments?

  • Extreme Sports

    Episode 22

    Surfboard and Mountain Bike face extreme questions on a program full of adventure and adrenaline.

  • Say Cheese

    Episode 23

    Digital Camera and Black and White Photo are here to talk about photography.

  • Paperwork

    Episode 24

    Charlie interviews Origami Crane and Drawing Pad on his show about paper, then lets loose his creative side with a truly incredible drawing.