26 Episodes

Best friends Violet, Tomas, Sami and Kiki love to play outside and invent wildly funny and silly games in the snow. Come on, let's go join them!

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  • Snowsnaps - Dunk Master | 1, 2, 3... Cupcake!

    Episode 1

    Terry the toy penguin gets stuck in the basketball hoop. | Welcome to a crazy race with funny rules to determine who will win Violet's most incredibly appetizing cupcake!

  • The Monster | The Maze

    Episode 2

    A half-eaten apple leads the gang to find a surprising monster. | The over-adrenalized kids build, shape, and mould a snow-made labyrinthine masterpiece, but how will they get out?

  • The Haunted Forest | Cold Tows

    Episode 3

    The girls investigate a mysterious pinecone creature. | Sami pretends to be too cold so his friends will pull him home.

  • Race Cars | Winter Blast

    Episode 4

    Tomas inadvertently gets knocked into the downhill race of the century! | With a winter storm creating havoc, Kiki's game of Hide and Seek quickly gets out of her control.

  • Snow Bowling | Hanging Around

    Episode 6

    A game of snow bowling has surprising twists, turns and bounces. | When the kids lose a flying disk in the big old haunted tree, they might be taking on more than they can handle.

  • Snow Golf | Tall Tale

    Episode 7

    Sami is counting on his new found luck to beat Kiki at golf. | Tomas and Sami compete to be the tallest.

  • AbracaTomas | The Snow Battawawa

    Episode 8

    Terry the toy penguin has disappeared, and only a special magic trick can bring him back! | A filmmaking team is on the trail of the legendary Battawawa monster.

  • The Shoot Out | Pinched Pic-nic

    Episode 9

    Kiki and Violet's competitive hockey shootout get an extra fruity snow splash as Sami introduces his juice-filled "snowballsicles" to the game. | Tomas plays detective.

  • Hats Off! | Kids vs Aliens

    Episode 10

    Tomas's crooked throws are just the ticket to free Violet and Sami from jail! | Sami tries to contact aliens.

  • Snow Ballet | Snoweo Rodeo

    Episode 11

    Violet's brilliantly choreographed snow ballet needs a Snow Prince. | Top cowboy Sami loses every event at the snow rodeo but still manages to save the day.

  • Winter Beach | The Greatest Game Ever

    Episode 12

    When Tomas's trip to beach is cancelled, his friends try to lift his spirits. | Inspired by a lost video game, the kids create a real-life adventure.

  • Hiccup | When Toys Attack

    Episode 13

    Violet and Sami help Kiki get rid of her pesky hiccups. | Sami is freaked out by toys seemingly following him around town.

  • It's a Bird! | Gumball Jamboree

    Episode 14

    Sami is taken on a dangerous ride when an incredible piece of art really takes off! | Violet and friends are in a race against time!

  • Tic Tac Trouble | The Fantabulous 4

    Episode 15

    Kiki turns a regular game of Tic Tac Toe into Tic Tac Trouble! | The Snaps play super heroes on a daring mission to rescue Terry the Penguin.

  • Cut and Run | Lava, Lava Everywhere

    Episode 16

    Kiki, Violet, and Sami try to help Tomas get over his fear of the barbershop. | The schoolyard suddenly turns into a lava pool.

  • Off Tracks! | Dino Snaps

    Episode 17

    The best train appears off tracks when the kids make one of their own! | Discovering rare dinosaur fossils becomes not much fun when Sami and Kiki's competitiveness gets in the way.

  • Moon Mission | Snapshot Hill

    Episode 18

    To get the others to her teeter-totter contest, Kiki must become part of their moon mission! | Tomas loses his camera on a sudden slip down a wild sled run.

  • Super Hero of the Hill | Gone to the Dogs

    Episode 19

    A battle for Super Hero of the Hill turns into an all -star superheroes wrestling match. | Violet and Tomas challenge Kiki and Sami to a dogsled race.

  • Knighthood | Tag Backs

    Episode 20

    Queen Violet wants to knight Kiki, Sami, and Tomas, but not before they prove they can work together.  | Violet is frustrated when Kiki and Sami get caught in an endless 'tag back' loop!

  • Off to School We Go! | Surprise?

    Episode 21

    A hopscotch game is taken to new heights when Sami introduces his trampoline snowboard. | Violet plans a big surprise for Tomas.

  • Hockey Knights | Hot Chocolate Party

    Episode 22

    Princess Kiki needs her knights to help break Granny Gnome's evil spell. | Violet hosts a hot chocolate party.

  • Toothless | The Great Pick-Up

    Episode 23

    Sami loses his first tooth--and then loses it again. | Violet turns her chores into a fun high scoring game for her friends until Sami shows up with his annoying whoopee cushion.

  • Sticky Snaps | Winter Games

    Episode 24

    A cool new restaurant runs into a very sticky situation when it gets an extremely picky client. | Violet enters the Winter Games challenge.

  • I Spy Sami! | The Weathervane Game

    Episode 25

    Sami discovers a special toy and tries to keep it a secret from the others. | Sami, Kiki, and Tomas get lost!