Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid

40 Episodes

Starring the inquisitive and funny preschooler Sid, the episodes feature a practical in-school science curriculum, using music and humor to celebrate children’s natural curiosity about science in everyday life. With each topic, Sid finds answers in familiar places – at home with his parents, with his teacher and friends at school, and in the car with Grandma. Through their adventures, Sid and his friends introduce children to scientific themes like measurement, change, the five senses, simple machines and health.

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Sid the Science Kid
  • Sid the Science Kid - The Sticker Chart

    Episode 1

    If Sid doesn't fill up his chore chart with stickers, he'll never get a new Turbo-Mega-Rocket ship toy.

  • The Rolie Polie

    Episode 2

    Sid loves his little rolie polie bugs, but they're so little he can't figure out how they move.

  • Enough with the Seashells!

    Episode 3

    Sid brings home a jar from school, filled to the top with seashells. He's determined to guess how many there are.

  • The Whale Episode

    Episode 4

    Sid is troubled . . . he wants to know how to measure a giant blue whale with his ruler.

  • Super Science Tools

    Episode 5

    Sid has quite a collection of science tools in his room but he can't figure out which one is his favorite!

  • My Mushy Banana

    Episode 6

    Sid wants to know why his beloved yellow banana has turned brown and mushy.

  • My Shrinking Shoes

    Episode 7

    When Sid's shoes don’t fit, he declares that his shoes must be shrinking.

  • My Ice Pops

    Episode 8

    Sid wakes up and discovers that his ice pops melted!

  • The Perfect Pancake

    Episode 9

    Sid wants to know how his Grandmother always makes perfect pancakes.

  • No More Changes

    Episode 10

    Sid isn’t too thrilled that his favorite shirt shrunk, his shoes don’t fit anymore and his Mom changed his favorite toothpaste.

  • The Itchy Tag

    Episode 11

    Sid notices that the tag in his shirt is really itchy, and he wonders why it isn’t soft like the rest of his shirt.

  • What's That Smell?

    Episode 12

    Sid learns how smells travel through the air and arrive inside the nose.

  • Grandma's Glasses

    Episode 13

    Sid tries on Grandma’s glasses, but they make everything look blurry.

  • Too Much Noise!

    Episode 14

    Sid notices that when he covers his ears with his hands, everything sounds quieter.

  • All My Senses

    Episode 15

    Sid wants to know about all his different senses.

  • A Brush with Teeth

    Episode 16

    Sid wonders if you really do have to brush your teeth every single day?

  • I Want Cake!

    Episode 17

    Sid declares that he shall only eat birthday cake for every meal!

  • The Big Sneeze

    Episode 18

    Sid's parents tell him to wash his hands to keep away germs. But Sid can't see any germs on his hands, so why should he wash them?

  • Must See TV!

    Episode 19

    Sid decides to sit and watch television all weekend long.

  • Sid's Health Day

    Episode 20

    Sid wonders what is the best way to always stay healthy?

  • The Broken Wheel

    Episode 21

    When a wheel falls off Sid’s favorite toy truck, he tapes it back on - but now the wheel won’t spin!

  • My Slide

    Episode 22

    Sid wonders how he can lift up his big, heavy stuffed animal dinosaur onto his bed.

  • Sid's Amazing Invention!

    Episode 23

    Sid believes that he has discovered a new invention to put toys away!

  • The Tree House

    Episode 24

    Sid wonders how he can lift his heavy box of toys way up to his treehouse.