Ruby's Studio

Ruby's Studio

4 Episodes

Ruby welcomes kids to her magical art studio for days of warmth, laughter and fun filled with crafts, music, dancing and learning all about feelings.

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Ruby's Studio
  • Ruby's Studio - The Feelings Show

    Episode 1

    “The Feelings Show” helps young children understand, appropriately express, and move through their big feelings. Featuring curriculum guided by child development expert Betsy Brown Braun.

  • The Friendship Show

    Episode 2

  • The Safety Show

    Episode 3

    "The Safety Show," offers kids age-appropriate language and tools to keep themselves safe with an empowering, non-fearful approach. Curriculum developed and guided by Child Safety expert, Pattie Fitzgerald.

  • The Siblings Show

    Episode 4

    “The Siblings Show” is an engaging way to help young siblings reduce rivalry, boost harmony, and celebrate family. Curriculum written in consultation with child development experts, Dr. Joshua Sparrow and Dr. Laura Markham.