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Pirata & Capitano

The Game | The Seagull


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  • The Robinson Pirates | The Treasure Cave

    When they are caught in a storm, Pirata and Capitano crash-land the hydroplane on a deserted island. Before the radio stops working, they manage to alert their friends that they’re on Thousand Carat Atoll. | On Skeleton Island, Roberto finds a treasure map signed by Boney Boots, one of his ancest...

  • Meowkat Must Be Saved | Pirate of the...

    Dodo the Devious kidnaps Meowcat and demands Cococroc’s treasure, which is buried at the bottom of a bottomless well, as ransom. | Pirata participates in the Pirate of the Year contest on Barracuda Island. Non-pirates are not allowed to participate, but a curious Capitano sneaks over to get a loo...

  • Justonetooth | The Two Pendants

    After a terrible accident, Sharky-One-Tooth lost almost all his teeth, his singing voice, and his love of music. | Pirata finds a medallion. But Murana steals it because she has one as well, and when the two are placed side by side, they form a treasure map.