26 Episodes

Pajanimals is a television series for young children that features four of the most cuddly puppet characters to ever come out of The Jim Henson Company. From the comfort of their bedroom, the Pajanimals explore a larger world through imaginary adventures. Each journey leads to the same discovery: that the world around them is welcoming and safe, and that nighttime is a cozy, special time when accompanied by friendship and a song.

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  • Pajanimals - Light In The Sky | Under The Bed

    Episode 1

    To help with Squacky’s fear of the dark, the Pajanimals travel to The Night Sky. | Squacky thinks he sees a monster under his bed!

  • Queen For A Night | Missing Mom and Dad

    Episode 2

    The Pajanimals don’t like that Cowbella is being bossy! | At bedtime, Sweet Pea Sue misses Mom and Dad and wishes she could sneak into their bed.

  • Tomorrow is Brand New | A Present for Mom

    Episode 3

    Apollo can't sleep because he is just too upset. | It’s Mom’s birthday and Apollo thinks the picture he painted for her just isn’t good enough.

  • Winning Isn’t Everything | An Octopus Hug

    Episode 4

    Apollo gets upset because he never wins any of the games the Pajanimals are playing. | Sweet Pea Sue can’t sleep because she’s scared of a picture of an octopus she saw in a book.

  • A Super Sweet Night | The Not-So Great Outdoors

    Episode 5

    Cowbella decides to eat all of her candy right now, but then can’t go to sleep. | Squacky didn’t have a good time and has decided that he’s never going outside again!

  • Super Squacky | Dream a Happy Dream

    Episode 6

    Squacky is so excited to see a movie about his favorite superhero tomorrow, he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. | Cowbella is afraid to go to sleep because she might have a bad dream.

  • Happy Birthday Sweet Pea Sue | No Bath for Me

    Episode 7

    It's Sweet Pea Sue's birthday tomorrow and she is nervous about the party. | Cowbella can’t sleep because she’s itchy from not taking a bath.

  • Try and Try Again | House of Pancakes

    Episode 8

    The Pajanimals have their first baseball practice tomorrow morning, but Apollo is nervous because he isn’t sure if he’ll be any good. | Mom is going to make waffles instead of her usual pancakes, which upsets Sweet Pea Sue.

  • Blankie in the Laundry | Apollo's Special Day

    Episode 9

    It's bedtime and Squacky can’t sleep because his blankie is being washed! | Cowbella doesn’t even want to go to Apollo’s birthday party! She's too jealous.

  • I'm Sorry, Really Sorry | Home Sweet Home

    Episode 10

    Cowbella and Sweet Pea Sue get into a big fight! | As the Pajanimals get ready for a big trip, they notice that Sweet Pea Sue is packing almost everything she owns!

  • A Colorful Problem | Game Day

    Episode 11

    When the Pajanimals name their favorite color, Cowbella and Apollo are shocked to learn that they both love purple. | The Pajanimals have been outside all day, playing and having fun, but Squacky has been inside all day playing a video game.

  • Share Day | The Rocket Ride

    Episode 12

    Sweet Pea gets nervous when she realizes she’ll have to talk in front of people at the preschool's Share Day! | Apollo is finally tall enough to ride a big ride at the amusement park tomorrow, but he’s secretly scared.

  • Night Will Sing Us to Sleep | Puppy Love

    Episode 13

    At bedtime, the Pajanimals hear lots of nighttime noises. | When the Pajanimals take care of Grandma and Grandpa’s puppy, they quickly learn about responsibility.

  • Time Out for Two | The Cow's Meow

    Episode 16

    When Squacky and Cowbella have a fight, they both get a time out. | When the Pajanimals are playing “house,” Sweet Pea Sue wants Cowbella to play the family puppy, but she would rather be a kitty.

  • The Wonderfully Different Squacky | A Laugh a Minute

    Episode 17

    The Pajanimals are each naming something about themselves that is different. | Squacky performs a magic show for the Pajanimals but his grand finale goes wrong!

  • Ouch! | Off to My School Adventure

    Episode 18

    Apollo scrapes his knee while riding his scooter, which leads him to proclaim that he’ll never ride his scooter again! | Sweet Pea Sue and Apollo are going to begin school tomorrow!

  • Team Fort | The Dentist Jitters

    Episode 19

    Squacky and Apollo borrow blankets from Sweet Pea Sue and Cowbella to build a fort. | Sweet Pea Sue is nervous because tomorrow is her first dentist appointment.

  • Oops! | Sing a Pajanimal Song

    Episode 14

    Squacky is excited because he doesn’t have to wear a pull up to bed for the first time ever! | The Pajanimals have formed a band!

  • Pajanimals: Spooky Costumes | No More Bullies

    Episode 21

    Cowbella reveals that she is nervous about trick or treating because she doesn’t like all the scary vampires and zombies. | The Pajanimals notice that Apollo is self-conscious about his ears and they find out that a classmate has been making fun of him.

  • Pajanimals: Off to Work They Go | Joy to the World

    Episode 22

    Aunt Sally is coming over to babysit the Pajanimals tomorrow because both Mom and Dad are going off to work for the first time! | The Pajanimals are excited that Christmas is coming!

  • Special Things | Mom is Amazing

    Episode 23

    While playing, Squacky says that he will share any of his things with Apollo, except for his blankie. | Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and the Pajanimals have decided to help Mom with her chores!

  • Let's Play Together | Mountains of Messiness

    Episode 15

    Sweet Pea Sue and Apollo want to play a new game they learned at school but since it’s a big kid game, they say that Squacky and Cowbella can’t play. | The Pajanimals have made a huge mess and while they are cleaning it up before bed, Cowbella has a great idea . . . what if they don’t clean it up?

  • One Teacup, Two Friends | Mind your Manners

    Episode 24

    Cowbella and Sweet Pea Sue get teacups as a gift from Grandma, but when they arrive, Sweet Pea’s tea cup is broken! | The Pajanimals don’t think that good manners matter at the table.

  • Pajanimals: Snow Business | Accidents Can Happen

    Episode 25

    The Pajanimals can’t sleep because they’re just too excited about the first snow of the winter. | Cowbella doesn’t want to stop playing, which leads to her having an “accident.”