Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate

Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate

13 Episodes

Ollie, a hesitant eater, turns every meal into an adventure. Ollie becomes what he eats, gaining superpowers to save the day!

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Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate
  • Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate - Ninja Berries | Sweet Potato Spy

    Episode 1

    Events force Ollie to taste a blueberry. | Super Spy Ollie need sweet potato eye power to locate the Secret Enemy Vault.

  • Watermelon Oasis | Lettuce Climb

    Episode 2

    Ollie, Poppy and Nummy search for the Lost Pyramids with the help of some watermelon. | Ollie attempts to climb an iceberg but needs lettuce's bone-growing powers to make it to the top.

  • Sasquash Hunter | Celery King

    Episode 3

    Nummy is snatched by a Sasquash! | Imprisoned by the King, Ollie the Knight must eat celery in order to gain brain power, and escape.

  • Mushroom Video Gamer | Coconut Island

    Episode 4

    In a video game world, Ollie has to taste a mushroom just to stay in the game. | Ollie's superhero skills are put to the test when a windstorm threatens a small Coconut Island village.

  • Circus Chard | Asparagus X

    Episode 5

    Ringmaster Ollie can't wait to show off his skills in the swiss chard circus, but danger lurks on every tightrope and trapeze. | Can Ollie and Leo survive the Asparagus-X obstacle course?

  • Captain Avocado | Bean Raider

    Episode 6

    When Nummy is swallowed by a whale, Ollie leads the rescue by eating avocado and gaining its powers of super smarts! | Treasure Hunter Ollie has to overcome the many traps of Beanu Pichu.

  • Dragon Tamer | Pineapple Boats

    Episode 7

    Ollie needs dragonfruit to survive his encounter with a fire-breathing dragon. | Ollie uses his pineapple lung power to save the Nummlings' sailing race--but accidentally creates a tornado.

  • Strawberry Flyer | Sherriff Ollie Oats

    Episode 8

    Ollie comes to the rescue when a ride at the Strawberry Fair breaks down. | When bandit Nummy takes off with a bag of oatmeal cookies, it's up to Sherriff Ollie to bring her to justice!

  • Garlic Fort | Deep Sea Carrot

    Episode 9

    Leo accidentally destroys the Nummlings' fort with his meatball cannon. | Ollie tries to break a new record for deep diving in the carrot-apple juice ocean.

  • Banana Wizard | Pears In Space

    Episode 10

    Wizard Ollie needs bananas to put a volcano back to sleep. | Rocket Scientist Ollie must retrieve an out-of-control pear rocket.

  • Hide And Spinach | Peach Pilot

    Episode 11

    Ollie the bat's super hearing saves the spinach rainforest from a mystery tree eater. | Pilot Ollie races to get a new lightbulb to the lighthouse before ships crash into the peach beach.

  • Cornival | Zippy Broccoli

    Episode 12

    The Corn Festival is threatened by an out-of-control Corn-bine Harvester Tractor. | Ranger Ollie needs broccoli muscles to reunite a lost Numbird with its family and escape some angry bugs.

  • Yogurt Hockey Hero | Cantaloupe Cave

    Episode 13

    Ollie and Poppy find themselves on a frozen yogurt lake. | Cave Explorers Ollie and Poppy attempt to spelunk their way to the center of a cantaloupe.