Lily's Driftwood Bay

Lily's Driftwood Bay

2 Seasons

Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach.

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Lily's Driftwood Bay
  • Lily's Driftwood Bay: Halibut Howler | Wee Rabbit, Big Voice

    Episode 1

    Everyone is sheltering from a fierce storm except Wee Rabbit! Salty and Lily must find her, fast!; Lily discovers that one of her Driftwood Bay friends has a most spectacular talent!

  • At Your Service | Mr Parrot

    Episode 2

    Bull volunteers to be Lord Stag's butler for the evening… with chaotic results!; A talking parrot arrives on the island and causes terrible confusion.

  • Runaway Boat | Say Cheese

    Episode 3

    Bull sets sail across the island in Bertha, Salty's drydocked boat.; Lord Stag's portrait session is interrupted by his well-meaning friends.

  • Lily's Driftwood Bay: Lucinda | Songs of the Sea

    Episode 4

    Salty sets sail in a new boat, but the new vessel is a little too hi-tech for an old seadog to handle!; The sea proves to be too rough for Lord Stag's ocean-going concert.

  • The Cuttlefish Cup | Old Grampy River

    Episode 5

    Salty and Lord Stag enter vastly different vessels into a round-the-island boat race!; Lily and Salty get lost on an unfamiliar stretch of river on the far side of Driftwood Bay.

  • My Fair Hen | The Houseguest

    Episode 6

    Hatsie learns how to be posh but forgets how to be Hatsie!; Lord Stag comes to stay with Salty but proves to be a very demanding houseguest.

  • Under New Management | The Wanderin' Walrus

    Episode 7

    Sam Barlow Chef's Hat Lily sees Nonna struggling and arranges some help for her at the Cockle Café.; Sean Carson J-Shaped Hook Lily and Salty discover the wreck of a very important ship!

  • Rockpool Roulade | Spanner in the Works

    Episode 8

    Nonna struggles to remember the ingredients for an incredibly special recipe.; Salty tries to fix Nonna's pipes but won’t admit that he's not much of a plumber!

  • Fabulous Darling

    Episode 9

    When Wee Rabbit's sister comes to stay, Wee Rabbit feels the need to be just as flamboyant as her sibling.

  • Flying Felicity | Oil Spill

    Episode 10

    Lord Stag takes his old motor car out for a raucous spin.; Salty causes an oil slick and endangers his best friend, Puffin.

  • Big Puffball | Peace and Quiet

    Episode 11

    Bull's fancy new image causes much amusement among his friends.; Salty's peaceful picnic is not as peaceful as he'd hoped.

  • Wooly Jumpers | Haddock Haul

    Episode 12

    Bull dresses up as Lightning the sheep to win the annual Driftwood Bay sheep race!; The annual Haddock Haul contest turns sour when one team accuses the other of cheating.

  • Parker | Drip Drip Drip

    Episode 13

    Salty takes Lily and Gull on an adventure beneath the waves in his old submarine!; Nonna's roof is leaking and Bull decides to help her fix it!

  • Farewell Puffin | Nurse Bull

    Episode 14

    Puffin is leaving to join the other migrating seabirds. Salty struggles to say goodbye.; Bull thinks Salty is unwell and insists on being his nurse.

  • The Great Staggerini | Rise and Shine

    Episode 15

    Lord Stag tries to win back his audience with a chaotic magic show!; Lily thinks that Salty is in trouble during his morning swim!

  • Monster Bash | Potty Parsley

    Episode 16

    Lord Stag's monster party is nearly cancelled when Lily and Bull's game goes a little too far!; Lily over-feeds Nonna's parsley and soon the Cockle Café kitchen is like a jungle!

  • Fishing for Dandelions | Fire!

    Episode 17

    Bull's dandelion collection floats out to sea and the whole island takes to the water to get them back!; Lily and Bull accidentally start a fire with a magnifying glass!

  • Mumsie | Lost in the Garden

    Episode 18

    Lord Stag's mother comes to stay and proves to be a very tricky visitor.; Lily and her friends get lost in Lord Stag's overgrown garden!

  • The Daily Driftwood | Beached

    Episode 19

    Bull tries to find a big story for Driftwood Bay's very first newspaper!; A whale is washed up on the beach and it's up to Bull and Lily to help it back into the sea!

  • Celestial Surprise | Sea Mist

    Episode 20

    Salty is on a mission to see the most spectacular sight the island has ever seen!; When the Driftwood Buccaneers become lost in a sea mist, they need to think fast to find their way back to safety!

  • The Proposal

    Episode 21

    Marriage is on the cards when Nonna's old flame appears on Driftwood Bay!

  • Bootcamp | Guiding Light

    Episode 22

    Lord Stag and Bull have a cunning plan to avoid Nonna's cross country run!; Puffin's in trouble and Salty must head into a storm to help his friend!

  • The Salty Chicken

    Episode 23

    Guest-Starring Dolly Parton! A glamourous visitor tries to tempt Salty away from Driftwood Bay for a life of fame and fortune!

  • Paper Lanterns | Home

    Episode 24

    For once, Lily doesn't sail across the way. She stays with Dad to learn about the power of play!; Some newcomers to the island need assistance, and fast!