Lily's Driftwood Bay

Lily's Driftwood Bay

2 Seasons

Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach.

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Lily's Driftwood Bay
  • Lily's Driftwood Bay - Honking Haddock | Old Bertha

    Episode 1

    Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach. | Honking Haddock Salty wears his Honking Haddock aftershave to meet Hatsie, and it smells terrible!; Lily gathers h...

  • Stop that Pudding! | Puffin Muffins

    Episode 2

    Nonna has taken a tumble, so Salty steps in to cook an important pudding.; Lily finds a whisk and joins Nonna’s Baking Class.

  • Starfish in the Sky | All at Sea

    Episode 3

    Lily is determined to see the Starfish Constellation that lives in the sky.; Salty shows Lily just how much fun being at sea can be.

  • Silly Seals | Pirate Puffin

    Episode 4

    Lily is determined to use her hooty horn to teach the seals to do some tricks.; Lily needs a pirate’s shipmate and swaps Puffin and Gull for the day.

  • Harbour Cookies | Seaweed Pie

    Episode 5

    Lily finds a cookie cutter and sets up a cookie stall near the Cockle Café.; Salty leads Lily on a hunt for golden seaweed so Nonna can bake her famous pie.

  • Runaway Stag | Snippy

    Episode 6

    A disaster on the hill to Stag Castle sends a huge statue hurtling out of control.; Lily meets an adorable new friend but finds it hard to say goodbye.

  • Splatball | Thar She Blows

    Episode 7

    Lily recruits players for a brand-new game – Splatball!; Lily sees a big mysterious blue rock in the sea… but Salty doesn’t believe her.

  • Rescue | A Bee in a Million

    Episode 8

    Bull is spotted in trouble on the Great North Cliff. Lily to the rescue!; Lily helps Bull to try and find his special friend, Bee.

  • Time Out | The Mystery Key

    Episode 9

    Poor Hatsie is overworked on Driftwood Bay and needs some time out.; Lily finds the home for a mystery key in an unexpected place.

  • Logbook Lookout | The Carnival

    Episode 10

    Salty’s precious logbook goes missing and all the evidence points to Puffin.; Lily and Bull try to win as many prizes as they can at the Driftwood Bay Carnival.

  • Windy Things | The Dance-off

    Episode 11

    Lily comes up with a clever plan to help Salty fly a kite with ease.; Lily and her friends help Salty get his rusty dancing legs back in shape.

  • Message in a Bottle | Stop! Watch

    Episode 12

    It’s Gull’s birthday and there’s a mysterious trail of clues to follow on Driftwood Bay.; Watch Lily chases a runaway pocket watch all over Driftwood Bay.

  • The Being Helpful Badge | Bedtime Scarf

    Episode 13

    Bull is desperate to win the Being Helpful badge.; Lily leads a hunt all over Driftwood Bay for Bull’s missing bedtime scarf.

  • A Very Important Visitor | A New Arrival

    Episode 14

    A mysterious important guest arrives to see Lord Stag’s sculpture garden.; Lily uses her beach treasure to create the perfect gift for a baby lamb!

  • Lily's Driftwood Bay: Plastic Iceberg | Little Flying Light

    Episode 15

    Lily and Salty discover the biggest lump of pollution they have ever seen!; Lily and Bull get very lost on a camping trip when they follow a little flying light.

  • The Monster of Wild Rocks | Storm-a-coming!

    Episode 16

    Lily and Wee Rabbit are terrified when they hear a terrible monster at Wild Rocks.; A barometer warns of a bad storm on its way to Driftwood Bay.

  • Summer Holiday | Bulls Might Fly

    Episode 17

    The whole island is heading to Lord Stag’s beach house for some summer fun!; Bull gets more than he bargained for when he gives Lord Stag a hand.

  • Goodbye Seabird | Catch that Picture!

    Episode 18

    Lily helps Bull find the perfect way to say goodbye to his old friend, Razorbill.; Wee Rabbit is embarrassed when her picture of Salty makes everyone laugh.

  • A Slippery Customer | A Sheepy Situation

    Episode 19

    Nonna is not impressed when Lily invites an unusual guest to the Cockle Café.; Lily and Bull accidently cause havoc with a game of chase.

  • Help! | Funny Fluffy Things

    Episode 20

    Hatsie is too proud to ask for help when she gets stranded out at sea.; Bull’s juicy dandelions are replaced by funny fluffy things that get blown away.

  • Captain Lily | Dance Date

    Episode 21

    Lily becomes a captain when she and Gull get stranded on Delilah out at sea.; A terrible mix up leaves Salty thinking that Hatsie already has a date to the dance.

  • Shush, Puffin! | Fiddlin' Flatfish

    Episode 22

    Puffin knows why precious objects are vanishing, but no one is listening to him!; With Salty missing his old band, Lily puts together a brand-new line up.

  • Whale Rescue | Delivery Disaster

    Episode 23

    Lily and Salty free a baby whale who shows his gratitude in an amazing way!; Things don’t go to plan when Nonna takes over Hatsie’s deliveries for the day.

  • Next Please! | Remembering Grampy

    Episode 24

    Lily discovers that running the General Store is not as easy as it looks.; Something is on Salty’s mind and Lily tries to find out what it is.