Let's Dance

Let's Dance

20 Episodes

Set in the breathtaking studios of the National Ballet School of Canada, dancers are taught a simple dance routine at the beginning of each episode that ends with a finale performance at a surprise fantastical location.

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Let's Dance
  • Let's Dance - Disco

    Episode 1

    Get ready to feel some disco vibes in today's class!

  • Country/Tap | KPOP

    Episode 2

    Kick up your heels in this mashup of Tap and Country. | Kick it up KPOP style!

  • Ballet Tendu | Bharatanatyam

    Episode 3

    Learn how to Tendu, one of the most important steps in ballet. | Learn Bharatanatyam, a dance style more than 2,000 years old.

  • Hip Hop | Locking

    Episode 4

    Learn the basics of Popping, Locking, and Breaking in this Hip Hop routine. | More Popping and Locking.

  • Hula/Cha Cha | Cha Cha

    Episode 5

  • Tutting | Grooves

    Episode 6

    Learn a Hip Hop style inspired by ancient Egyptian art. | Let your body move to the beat.

  • Ballet/Hip Hop | Bollywood

    Episode 7

    Dancers mash up two completely different dance styles--Ballet and Hip Hop--and end up in a medieval castle. | Dance like a Bollywood film star.

  • Jazz | Breakdance/Disco

    Episode 8

    Broadway, here we come! | Express yourself with Breakdance and Disco.

  • Tap | Creative Movement/Ballet

    Episode 9

    Make some noise with your feet. | Create your own dance routine with Ballet and Creative Movement.

  • KPOP/Tap | Country

    Episode 10

    Get ready to learn a KPOP and Tap combo. | Learn a Country line dance--boots and hats optional!

  • Bhara/Hip Hop | Hula

    Episode 11

    Dancers use their leg muscles while mashing up Hip Hop and Bharatanatyam. | Hula takes you one step closer to Hawaii.

  • KPOP | Jazz/Cha Cha

    Episode 12

    Learn the latest South Korean-style moves. | Jazz and Cha Cha are a perfect combination.

  • Hip Hop/Tap | Swing

    Episode 13

    Hip Hop and Tap are all about the rhythm. | Swing your way into new routine.

  • Jazz/Grooves | Ballet/Tutting

    Episode 14

    Learn a "groovy" Jazz routine. | Miss Kylie teaches a unique mashup of Ballet and Tutting.

  • Breakdance/Ballet | Swing/Grooves

    Episode 15

    Breaking and Ballet? Yes, please! | Feel the Groove, and Swing!

  • Locking | Bharatanatyam

    Episode 16

    Lock in some new Hip Hop moves. | Bharatanatyam is back!

  • Hula | Disco/Tutting

    Episode 117

    Say aloha to Hula dancing! | Learn a combination of Disco and Tutting.

  • Country | Jazz

    Episode 18

    Learn how to dance Country. | Learn the basic steps of Jazz.

  • Swing/KPOP | Jive

    Episode 19

    What do you get when you mix KPOP with Swing? A perfect combination! | Learn to Jive, step by step.

  • Breakdance | Ballet Saute

    Episode 20

    Learn how to downrock, a basic street style technique. | Practice a basic ballet jump.