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Miss Roberta


Up Next in Collection 1

  • LazyTown's New Superhero

    The LazyTowners give Sportacus the day off, but he just can't get used to relaxing. Robbie Rotten creates a vicious dog robot who chases everyone – including Robbie! It's up to "Sportastephanie" to stop Robbie's robot dog.

  • Secret Agent Zero

    Robbie wins the election for Mayor by cheating and makes up new rules for LazyTown that encourage laziness. Mayor Meanswell becomes a spy and--together with Sportacus and the kids--try to foil Robbie's plan.

  • LazyTown's Greatest Hits

    Stephanie and Ziggy ask every citizen of LazyTown what their favorite song is. They find out that it takes something different to get everyone singing and dancing.