Kate & Mim-Mim

Kate & Mim-Mim

2 Seasons

Kate & Mim-Mim brings a world to life where the only limits are a little girl’s imagination. Kate is a feisty five-year-old who, together with her toy bunny Mim-Mim, travels to a fantasy world, where Mim-Mim becomes a larger-than-life playmate! Whenever Kate needs to solve a problem at home, she knows just where she can find the answer—time for her and Mim-Mim to twirl away to Mimiloo!

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Kate & Mim-Mim
  • Bathtime for Boomer | The Mimiloo Express

    Episode 1

    Kate and Mim-Mim help Lily chase down the Muddy Pirate Boomer to make him take his bath! | Kate and Mim-Mim take a ride on the Mimiloo Express and learn how to improvise.

  • Jurassic Tee-Hees | Tack and the Beanstalk

    Episode 2

    Kate and Mim-Mim help track down some giant dinosaurs who have run off with Tack's invention, the Larger Barger! | Lily gets swept up into the clouds by a giant, fast-growing beanstalk!

  • Eggy Boomer | Chariots of Fun

    Episode 3

    Kate and Mim-Mim go birdwatching with their Mimiloo friends, but things aren't always what they seem. | Kate encourages Mim-Mim to pick himself up whenever he falls, and keep trying.

  • Kate & Mim-Mim: Mim-Mim’s Eggscellent Easter | Lily’s Ballet Recital

    Episode 4

    Kate, Mim-Mim and the gang help the Easter Bunny save Easter! | When Lily invites her friends to perform in her ballet recital, Kate has to help Mim-Mim dance in his own Mim-tastic style!

  • Boomer’s Blanky | Boogedie Bear Hair

    Episode 5

    Thanks to Tack's latest invention, Boomer's blanky has given him super strength! | Gobble's fur coat has grown so long that his friends keep mistaking him for a scary boogedie bear!

  • The Mimiloo Clubhouse | The Fluff Between Your Ears

    Episode 6

    Can the gang fix their new clubhouse in time for the Mimiloo Day party? | Tack shrinks Kate, Mim-Mim and the gang so they can go inside Mim-Mim's fluffy brain to help him find a lost memory!

  • The Mim-Mim of Oz

    Episode 7

    When Kate and Mim-Mim's twirl magic is stolen, they land in Oz instead of Mimiloo!

  • Lights, Camera, Mim-Mim! | The Sky is Falling

    Episode 8

    The Mimiloo gang are making a movie! | The gang faces a puzzling problem when the Mimiloo sky starts to fall down in puzzle pieces--and it's soon made worse by Boomer’s fear of the dark!

  • Friendship Day | Octo-Mim

    Episode 9

    When the gang has trouble delivering gifts on Friendship Day, Kate has a plan. | Tack invents a machine to help Gobble pick bananas, but the situation soon flies out of control.

  • Small Blunders | Lunar or Later

    Episode 10

    A shrunken Mimiloo gang gets trapped inside Tack's storage shed. | Mim-Mim finds out that doing things you've never done before can lead to new and surprising discoveries!

  • Sprite Lights | Wild Boomer

    Episode 11

    To help some lost water sprites return to the Singing Seas, Kate and friends must dive down to where sea monsters live! | Boomer eats a hopper berry that turns him giant, purple and wild!

  • Grabby the Crab | Secret Superhero

    Episode 12

    Grabby wants to do everything himself, but he'll have to learn to take help from Tack. | Tack is mistaken for a superhero.

  • Boomer’s New Pet | Gobble’s Gizmos and Gadgets

    Episode 13

    Boomer's new pet causes trouble. | Has Gobble lost his touch as a gardener?

  • Little Kate Riding Hood | Glowing Up

    Episode 14

    Mim-Mim learns that telling a story is as easy as starting with "Once upon a time . . ." | The star song flowers are missing! How will Boomer ever get to sleep?

  • Me and My Shadow | Twirly Scouts

    Episode 15

    Tack's new invention brings Mim-Mim's shadow to life. | Kate's insistence on preparation and following the rules of hiking pays off when Mim-Mim and Boomer get separated from the group.

  • Kate & Mim Mim: Lil' Boo | Boomer's Three Wishes

    Episode 16

    The Mimiloo gang meets a little ghost, but it's just Boomer in his Halloween costume--right? | When Boomer finds a magic lamp, his wishes transport everyone to a massive treasure trove.

  • Remember When? | The Mimiloo Mystery Friend

    Episode 17

    Kate has an idea to help Mim-Mim find his lost memories. | Detectives Kate and Mim-Mim lead the gang in search of the mystery friend who's leaving presents for everyone in Mimiloo.

  • King Boomer | So You Think You Can Trumpet?

    Episode 18

    Boomer's frustrated after being told he's too little to help harvest Gobble's garden. | Boomer's talented new friend is too shy to perform in the talent show.

  • The Mimiloo Safari | Baby Gobble

    Episode 19

    When Binky goes missing, Kate leads the gang on a safari to find their friend and help him get home safely. | A fun fruit called a whirly-fig accidentally turns Gobble back into a baby!

  • Lucky Funny Bunny | Mim-Mim on Ice

    Episode 20

    Mim-Mim is one lucky bunny. | The gang plays a friendly game of hockey, but when goalie Boomer keeps leaving the net to try and score, Kate helps their team get back on track.

  • Kate’s Surprise | Fun for Zoom Zoom

    Episode 21

    Mim-Mim must distract Kate while their friends finish a big surprise for her. | Boomer tries everything to make his pet Zoom Zoom happy.

  • Boomer’s First Flight | Tack’s Obstacle Course

    Episode 22

    When his friends get swept up by a whirlwind in the Gusty Windstream, it's up to Boomer to rescue them! | Tack's obstacle course is a bit too challenging to be fun for everyone in Mimiloo.

  • Boomer’s Masterpiece | The Story of Tack

    Episode 23

    Boomer has a Big Boomer Idea, and he's keeping it a secret. | Tack stages his very own play.