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Kate & Mim-Mim

Color Me Happy | Kittens and Mittens


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  • Tail Tale | Mirror Mirror

    Kate is playing with Mim-Mim when she realizes that his tail has come off! In Mimiloo, Mim-Mim frets over being tailless. Worse yet, none of his friends recognize him without it! | Kate and Mom are enjoying a picnic when a bird eats Kate’s muffin! In Mimiloo, Gobble and Tack argue over how to sto...

  • Boomer Size | Mim-Mim's Moon Mishap

    Kate’s new leggings are too big for her. She wishes she didn’t have to wait to grow bigger. In Mimiloo, Boomer also wishes he was bigger—so he could be faster in Tack’s obstacle course! When he gets ahold of Tack’s Sizerchanger invention, he becomes huge! | Kate wants to make friends with the man...

  • Tee Hee Rex | Mega Music Maker

    Kate assumes that it was Dad who played a funny April Fool’s Day joke on her. In Mimiloo, a trickster plays funny gags on Kate and her friends. | Kate is building a sandcastle, but the windchimes she places on top aren’t working. In Mimiloo, after Mim-Mim accidentally ruins a one-of-a-kind music ...