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Oh, the People You'll Meet!


Up Next in Collection 1

  • The Blag-Bludder Beast

    The people of Troomph are always scared, and the thing that scares them the most is the legendary Blag-Bludder Beast. When Yertle the Turtle unknowingly conquers the Blag-Bludder, he has the eternal devotion of the Troomphians.

  • The Muckster

    The "House and Home Show" is coming to feature Jane Kangaroo, but Junior has made a huge mess in their house. The Cat in the Hat produces the mighty Muckster, a cleaning machine that gets more powerful with each click of its dial (but never, ever turn it up to six!).

  • Norval the Great

    Binkham Tamino McDoyal III tells a tall tale about the adventures he has had with his goldfish, Norval.