Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

36 Episodes

Harry is the luckiest kid in the world. His Nana has given him something that no one else has, the greatest gift ever. . . A bucket with six toy dinosaurs that come to life and become his best friends! Based on the children's book series by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds, this charming show will engage your child's imagination.

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs
  • Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs - AAAGH!

    Episode 1

    Harry is the luckiest kid in the world. His Nana has given him something that no one else has, the greatest gift ever. . . A bucket with six toy dinosaurs that come to life and become his best friends! | Harry has a nightmare in which he is chased by a monster, so he goes to Dino World to hide. ...

  • Overdue! | But I Like Mud! | It's a Kitty!

    Episode 2

    Harry is upset to learn that he must return his library book so decides to hide the book in Dino-World. The book persuades Harry to return it to the library where there are lots more books waiting to be read. | Harry doesn't want a bath so he goes to Dino-World and gets as dirty as he can. | Harr...

  • Can I Join? | What Mess? | Uh-Oh!

    Episode 3

    Harry's family is busy with grown-up stuff, so he decides to go to Dino-world to invent his own clubs, which only he and the dinosaurs can join. | When Harry is told to tidy his room, he moves all the mess into Dino-world. | Harry accidentally smashes his mum's favorite china teacup. Harry, Charl...

  • Nobody's Listening to Me! | I Wish! | Yo Ho Ho!

    Episode 4

    Harry needs help making up a story to go with his new drawing, but the adults are too busy to help so he heads into Dino-World in a bad mood. | Harry finds a wishing well in Dino-World where wishes are readily granted. | Harry, Charlie, and the dinosaurs are playing pirate. Harry is the captain ...

  • Harry Ace Reporter! | What's for Breakfast? | I Wish It Would Stop Raining!

    Episode 5

    Harry imitate his Mum and becomes a newspaper reporter for the day. | Harry opens a diner in Dino-World and makes himself head chef! | Harry's beach day is rained out, so he decides to go to Dino World where it is very sunny and hot.

  • Goal! | Achoo | Super Harry!

    Episode 6

    Harry and Charlie are arguing too much to play football, so they go into Dino-World and learn a lesson in sportsmanship. | Harry has a cold but gets bored staying in bed, so he goes into Dino-World...and makes all the dinosaurs sick! | Harry goes to Dino-World where he can be a real Superhero tha...

  • Today's the Day! | You're Too Little! | Can You Hear a Drip?

    Episode 7

    Harry has to play the violin in a school performance but playing an instrument is hard, so he goes to Dino-World to practice. | When Harry discovers that he is too small to pick apples he goes to the Dino-World Mooseum to find some growth enhancing milk from a mechanical cow. | When Sam uses Harr...

  • Who Says My Dinosaurs Aren't Cool? | I Can't Find My Favorite Sock! | I Promise!

    Episode 8

    At 'Show and Tell', Harry's dinosaurs seem old-fashioned compared to another kid's hi-tech Dino-Robot. | Harry can't find one of his cowboy socks. He goes to Dino-World to track it down. | Charlie lends Harry her Sergeant Shout toy for the weekend, and Harry takes him into Dino World. Sgt. Shout...

  • Abracadabra! | I Am Not Going | Me First

    Episode 9

    Harry receives a box of magic tricks for Christmas but is unable to create any magic. He visits Dino-World and comes across a book of magic tricks. | Harry is scared of going to the dentist, but when Trike complains that his horn is sore Harry insists that Trike goes to the Horntist in Dino World...

  • Oops! | Who to Choose? | Origami!

    Episode 10

    Harry is playing his favorite computer game when he accidentally loses Mum's latest report for her newspaper. With the help of a computer mouse in Dino-World he attempts to retrieve it before it is lost forever. | Charlie is having a sleepover and has invited Harry, but he is only allowed to bri...

  • I Win! | I Want to Do Them All! | I Keep Going Over the Edges!

    Episode 11

    Harry is pleased when he wins a game, so he visits Dino-World where he makes up games and wins every time. | Harry wants to do lots of things at once so instead of choosing one thing he goes to Dino-World to replicate himself so that he can do them all. | Harry has difficulty coloring; he keeps g...

  • Cookies! | Can I Keep It? | I Don't Wanna Go to Bed

    Episode 12

    When Harry's delicious cookie is stolen he goes to Dino-World as a detective searching for the thief.| When Harry finds a nest with an egg in it he wants to keep it, but Nana explains that it wouldn't be fair. In Dino-World Harry finds, and takes care of, an egg far larger than the egg at home. |...

  • Look What I Found! | I Still Can't Hear You | To Outerspace!

    Episode 13

    Harry finds a skipping rope outside his house and decides that 'Finders should be Keepers', so he goes to Dino World to play with it. | Harry is nervous about giving a speech about dinosaurs to his classmates, so he goes to Dino-World to practice, in the hope of gaining confidence. | Harry takes ...

  • Hail the Queen! | Steggy's Not Here! | Get Growing!

    Episode 14

    After watching a movie about Cleopatra, the gang go to Dino World to make Patsy Queen. | Harry returns from a day out at a theme park and finds that Steggy is missing. Harry wonders where else he could look? In Dino-World of course! | Harry wants to grow some roses for Mother’s Day, but he needs...

  • Let's Rock! | I Wish I Was a Builder! | What Happens Next?

    Episode 15

    Harry isn't allowed in the band because he's not very good at playing drums. He goes to Dino-World where he and the dinos play various percussion instruments. | Harry wants to build a dream house and realizes he must go to Dino-World for the space and materials to build. | Nana is reading Harry a...

  • Circus! | When I Grow Up! | The Mailman's Here!

    Episode 16

    Charlie wants to go to the circus, but her Mum is unable to take her. So, Harry and the dinos create a circus in Harry's garden for Charlie. | Harry decides he wants to be a zookeeper, but he can't wait until he grows up, so he opens his very own zoo in Dino-World. | When a letter addressed to a...

  • I Can Play Music! | Help! | It's in Nana's Room

    Episode 17

    Harry doesn't want to play his violin and goes to Dino World to search for a new instrument to play. | Harry decides to become a fireman himself - in Dino World! | Harry and the dinos discover that there's a new dinosaur in the house, and it belongs to Nana. Aptly named the 'Nanosaurus', it turn...

  • Can I Sleep in My Tent? | I Spy! | It's Made of Cheese!

    Episode 18

    Harry wants to sleep out in his new tent so that he can practice his scout skills. But it's raining so he goes to Dino-World! | Harry and the dinos are playing a game of 'I Spy', Harry wants to 'spy' his dinos, but he can't remember their proper dinosaur names.| Harry and Charlie are arguing over...

  • What's Thunder?

    Episode 19

    Stuck indoors watching a storm from his bedroom window, Harry wonders what exactly causes thunder and lightning to happen and decides to visit Dino World to find out.

  • Once Upon a Time | Superheroes Don’t Dance | I Love Strawberries!

    Episode 20

    Harry needs a green crayon for his story about a naughty Troll, so he goes to Dino-World to see if he can track one down. | The dinos lead Harry on an adventure in Dino-World that will prove to him that Superheroes AND dancing can be a great fun! | When Harry and his dinos go to taste the strawbe...

  • I Wish I Could Fly | What a Cold Nose! | I Want to Help

    Episode 21

    When Harry loses his helium balloon he wishes that he could fly. Can he fly in Dino-World? | Harry takes a puppy for a walk in Dino-World. | Harry wishes he could help with decorating, so he goes to Dino World to practice his skills there. Whilst in Dino-World the gang bump in to their dino frien...

  • Harry, Bug Hunter | Zoom | I’m King Harry

    Episode 22

    Harry checks the vegetable garden for bugs. When a caterpillar accidentally falls into Harry’s magical bucket, he travels to Dino World to catch up with her. | Planning the best vacation ever is tricky when there are so many tastes to please. Harry goes to Dino-World for inspiration. | Harry jump...

  • Mirror Mirror | Splash | I Want to Go Faster

    Episode 23

    While looking in the mirror, Harry and his dino friends try to imagine what it would be like to step through it. | Harry’s bath toy Ducky falls into his magical Bucket, so Harry and his dino friends waste no time jumping in to find her.| Driving in the car with his family, Harry wishes they could...

  • Two Plus Two Makes Four | My Tooth Has Come Out | Costume Party

    Episode 24

    Harry sets off to Dino world in search of the answer to a tricky math question.| Harry’s first tooth comes out and he is so eager to meet the Tooth Fairy that he decides to go to Dino World to save her the trip. | Harry and his friend Charley are invited to a Costume Party. Harry and team decide ...