Gudrun: The Viking Princess

Gudrun: The Viking Princess

10 Episodes

Travel back in time with Gudrun the Viking Princess as she explores the forest and befriends all the animals she meets.

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Gudrun: The Viking Princess
  • Gudrun: The Viking Princess - The Wolf

    Episode 1

    Thrilled at the prospect of seeing her father after his long winter at sea, Gudrun races through the woods and comes face to face with a wolf!

  • The Otter

    Episode 2

    While King Sigurd dozes on the beach, Gudrun tries to play a trick.

  • The Fjord Pony

    Episode 3

    Gudrun learns how to approach a wild pony.

  • The Raven

    Episode 4

    When a Raven gets trapped in a basket, Gudrun comes to the rescue--but can she trust the Raven to help her when she loses her precious silver circlet?

  • The Shore Crab

    Episode 5

    Gudrun and her Olaf build a sand castle for their new friend, Crab.

  • The Goat

    Episode 6

    The Goat Gudrun's knot-tying skills are put to the test when King Sigurd asks her to tie up a goat.

  • Seals

    Episode 7

    King Sigurd and Olaf scare away the seals, but the king has a plan to bring them back.

  • The Reindeer

    Episode 8

    Gudrun and Olaf help a lost reindeer find its way home.

  • Red Squirrels

    Episode 9

    Gudrun awakes from her forest nap to find that her nut basket is empty!

  • The Gyrfalcon

    Episode 10

    Gudrun gets her first falconry lesson.