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  • Pompon Little Bear - Squeaky Clean | Invasion of the Ants | The Great Itch

    Pompon needs a wash before going to the concert Josie is giving. But there's no way he's going to let his mother help him: he's not a baby! | The bear family's den is invaded by ants. Pompon is very happy to share his house - but not his honey sandwiches! | Pompon returns from an outing in the fo...

  • Coyote Peterson: Kidstream Collection - Mud Dragons

    Coyote Peterson Kidstream Collection is your go-to series for wildlife adventure and amazing up-close animal encounters! Featuring animal expert and Emmy award-winning wildlife educator Coyote Peterson along with his trusted crew Mark and Mario. This collection has been carefully curated with som...

  • Science Max!: Experiments at Large - Newton's 3rd Law

    Newton's 3rd Law (Balloon-Powered Car) | Turbocharged experiments usually done in the classroom taken to a whole new level with various stages and designs, ultimately leading to maxed out and learning-filled adventures!

  • Space Kids: Planets (Part 1)

    Mars | Venus | Mercury | Jupiter

  • Addison - The Not-As-Great Pizza Problem | The Mystery of Haunted Beauty Salon

    When Addison and Alex taste the new pizza that Mr. DiGiovanni has made for Tess’s birthday, they find out it isn't good at all. Has Mr. DiGiovanni lost his sense of taste? | Ms. Bell’s wedding is in peril when a ghost scares the guests at the beauty salon. But Addison thinks the rumbling and draf...

  • The Wiggles: Emma! - Corroboree Frog | Le Pont d'Avignon | Ballerina, Ballerina

    Today is Corroboree Frog day! Emma finds a picture of Uluru in her music box and sings a song all about the Corroboree frog! | Today is French music day! Emma finds a beautiful flower in her music box to wear in her hair and wears it to sing and dance to a beautiful French song! | Today is Ballet...

  • Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle! - Hello, Everyone!

    Hello, everyone! Let's say g'day to The Wiggles and learn a little bit about them! Come with us on a trip to Wiggle Park to dance with Henry the Octopus; meet the King of the Jungle at the Carnival of the Animals; play piano with Lachy and travel back in time to meet the Little Wiggles!

  • Zerby Derby - Zerby Town Dam | Hide & Seek | Zerbowl | Big Rock Sandy Mountain +

    The Zerby Town Dam | Hide & Seek | The Zerbowl | Big Rock Sandy Mountain | Eye in the Sky | The Construction Zerby.

    Pint-sized cars live & play in a life-size forest as the Zerbies cross streams, build dams & explore meadows, approaching every problem with cheerful enthusiasm!

  • Tree Fu Tom - May the Best Berry Win

    It's the Biggest Chuckleberry in Treetopolis Contest and Ariela and the Mushas are both determined to win the trophy. With the competition reaching fever pitch and giant chuckleberries poised to cause havoc across Treetopolis, Tom will need all his action-hero skills and Big World Magic help from...

  • 64 Zoo Lane - Nelson the Elephant | Kevin the Crocodile | Joey the Kangaroo

    Lucy lives on 64 Zoo Lane next to the zoo. Every night she slides down Georgina the Giraffe’s neck to meet animals who all have adventures to share! | Young Nelson develops a jumping hobby which bothers Reginald, Audrey, and Natalie. | Victor the Crocodile wants Kevin to be like him. | Ribbit the...

  • Pirate & Capitano - The Sunken Ship | Pegleg Squid's Treasure

    Along with the faithful crew of her ship, THE PINK SKULL, Pirata sails The Great Sea in a never-ending quest for buried treasure. Sailing with Pirata in command is always a non-stop, joyful adventure...until her thirst for risk and jokes puts them in danger. | While sailing, Pirata finds a piece ...

  • Guess How Much I Love You - Field of Flowers | Fly the Nest

    Aimed at preschoolers aged 3 – 5, Guess How Much I Love You is the first adaptation of the beloved British children's book written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeramis. Set in a timeless watercolor landscape of grassy fields, mossy forests, lazy rivers, and sunny green valleys, it is...

  • Molang - The Bicycle Ride | The Castaways

    Molang & best friend Piu Piu's everyday adventures, from camel rides to fishing trips, every moment is full of fun and learning.

  • Earth to Luna! - Hot or Cold? | Out of Breath!

    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are in the desert. They are surprised by how quickly the temperature drops at night. Why does it get so hot in the desert during the day and so cold at night? Luna’s family is climbing Pike’s Peak. A the top, they're surprised to find that moving is more tiring, and it fee...

  • Wibbly Pig - Squiggle

    Wibbly Pig is an animated preschool comedy series that finds humor and fun in the daily routine of a young child. Based on the hugely successful books by Mick Inkpen--and listed as one of the "Best Preschool TV Shows" by Common Sense Media--Wibbly Pig provides age-appropriate learning, and inspir...

  • Rastamouse - Eyes Popp | Mouserobics

    Rastamouse is a cool, crime-fighting mouse who, through the power of redemption, always 'Makes A Bad Thing Good!'.

  • Busy World of Richard Scarry - Big Story; Gibraltar Couscous; Firefighter's Ball

    Busytown is an enchanting place abuzz with energy and life. Sing and laugh along as Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm and the residents of Busytown deliver a song and a smile.

  • The Adventures of Napkin Man! - Benny the Brave | Lots of Spots | Super Scott

    Mr. Anthony teaches his students how to deal with various emotions by sharing the Adventures of Napkin Man, a sprung-to-life, time traveling superhero drawn on a napkin.

  • Ella the Elephant - Girls' Club | Soapbox Squabble

    Belinda announces she’s starting a club and Ella, Tiki, the twins are invited.; Ella and Frankie team up to build a racer for the Elephant Islands Soapbox Derby.

  • Lily's Driftwood Bay - Honking Haddock | Old Bertha

    Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach. | Honking Haddock Salty wears his Honking Haddock aftershave to meet Hatsie, and it smells terrible!; Lily gathers h...

  • Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs - AAAGH!

    Harry is the luckiest kid in the world. His Nana has given him something that no one else has, the greatest gift ever. . . A bucket with six toy dinosaurs that come to life and become his best friends! | Harry has a nightmare in which he is chased by a monster, so he goes to Dino World to hide. ...

  • Scout & The Gumboot Kids - Sweet Maker | Disappearing Castle | Four Legged Kid +

    The Case of the Buzzing Sweet Maker | The Case of the Disappearing Castle | The Case of the Four Legged Kid | The Case of the Hidden Snack | The Case of the Polkadot Gardener.

  • Balloon Barnyard - Mystery Day

    Follow the adventures of Pip & Streak, two lovable balloon donkeys with superhero ambitions who work together to solve problems & mysteries around the barnyard with their fellow balloon friends. | Streak and Pip become detectives to solve the mysterious case of missing lettuce. They discover a tr...

  • Max & Maestro - The Supersonic Ear

    Max is a fan of rap music who meets the greatest orchestra conductor in the world! But classical isn't cool, so Max must learn in secret. | When he accidentally kicks his soccer ball into his weird neighbor's garden, the 11 year-old Max Bellerose meets the world famous conductor and pianist Danie...