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Ella the Elephant

Ella the Elephant

26 Episodes

In the Elephant Islands, home of Ella and her magic hat, every day is a fantastic new adventure full of teamwork, determination, and a touch of magic.

Ella the Elephant
  • Girls' Club | Soapbox Squabble

    Episode 1

    Belinda announces she’s starting a club and Ella, Tiki, the twins are invited.; Ella and Frankie team up to build a racer for the Elephant Islands Soapbox Derby.

  • Trunk Troopers | Ella in Charge

    Episode 2

    Ella and the kids set out into the forest to earn their Trunk Trooper Badges.; Mom can't work so Ella and Frankie's Mom fill in for her.

  • Ella Bakes a Cake | Camp Ella

    Episode 3

    Ella bakes a cake for the Elephant Islands Junior Cake-Baking Contest.; Ella discovers Tiki has never been camping, she turns her backyard into Camp Ella.

  • Ella's Got Talent | Safety First

    Episode 4

    Ella offers to be the stage manager until Mrs. Briggs asks Ella to be the Master of Ceremonies.; Ella is picked to be the safety sheriff on the playground.

  • Ella Sheds Some Light | Stylish Ella

    Episode 5

    Captain Kelp asks Ella and Frankie to take care of his lighthouse while he's away.; Picture Day is coming up at Ella's school and everyone is excited.

  • Hat Mishap | Ella's Top 100

    Episode 6

    Tiki is starring in the school play and she is nervous.; Mrs. Briggs has asked the children to gather 100 of their favorite things.

  • Treasure Hunters | Ella Borrows Trouble

    Episode 7

    Ella discovers a map and sets out to find the treasure of Elephant Islands.; Ella loses Frankie's toy and she comes up with inventive ideas to get it back.

  • Ella on the Ball | Up, Up and Away

    Episode 8

    When a member of the soccer team gets hurt, Ella's friends beg her to fill in.; Elephant Islands is having a Kite contest, where teams make a unique kite.

  • Tea Party Trouble | Home Again

    Episode 9

    Ella throws a tea party in her backyard and everybody shows up wearing something fancy; The kids are excited because it's Open House at the school.

  • Stormy Mom Day | Team Spirit

    Episode 10

    A rainstorm causes Ella and Frankie to change their Mother's Day plans.; Mrs. Briggs' class designs a scoreboard.

  • Ella's Carnival | Monkey Business

    Episode 11

    Ella and the kids have been waiting for the carnival to come to town!; Ella, Belinda and Frankie look after Tiki’s pet monkey, Lola.

  • That’s Swellaphant! | Hello Dolly

    Episode 12

    Ella and her friends celebrate Swellaphant Day.; Frankie accidentally sells Ella's favorite doll.

  • Ella's Sleepless Sleepover | Ella for Class President

    Episode 13

    Ella and Tiki are invited to a sleepover at Belinda's house.; Mrs. Briggs tells the class they're going to elect a class president.

  • Ready, Set, Go...Slow?! | Ella's Antics

    Episode 14

    Belinda challenges Frankie to a race.; The science fair is coming up and Ella is going to build an ant-farm.

  • Parade Problem | Tiki's Snow Fun

    Episode 15

    Ella and friends get lost on the way to a parade.; Ella, Belinda, Tiki and Frankie visit Snowy Island.

  • Ella's Hiccups | Queen Tusk’s Treasure

    Episode 16

    The kids put on a play in class about a book they read.; Ella, Tiki, Frankie and Belinda are helping Mrs. Briggs with a new exhibit at the museum.

  • By Invitation Only | Seashell Serenade

    Episode 17

    Ella's friends begin to act strange around her birthday.; Ella and friends try to bring back the conch orchestra.

  • Trunk Your Record | Tiki's Moving Day

    Episode 18

    Frankie wants to be a record breaker like everyone else in his family; Tiki is moving but Ella wants her to stay.

  • Super-Helpful Elephant Heroes | Ella Goes to the Birds

    Episode 19

    Ella and Frankie become heroes after reading a comic book.; Ella finds an old instrument that works as a call for birds.

  • Ella's Dance Off | Picture This

    Episode 20

    Belinda and Frankie have a dance contest.; Ella takes pictures around the island.

  • Frankie the Brain | Tiki's Quest

    Episode 21

    Frankie and Belinda's assignments have been switched by Ella.; Tiki must complete a tricky quest.

  • Ella the Elephant: Frankie's Perfect Pumpkin | Ella's Special Delivery

    Episode 22

    Frankie makes the best Jack-o-Lantern ever.; Ella has a newspaper route around town.

  • Jurassic Sleepover | Grandma's Visit

    Episode 23

    Ella and friends have a sleepover at the museum.; Ella and her grandmother try for the one troop stamp they didn't earn.

  • Mayor Belinda | Ella's Haywire Hat

    Episode 24

    Ella and friends help Mayor Blue until he is called away and Belinda takes over.; Ella's hat begins to act weird.