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Ella, Oscar & Hoo

Atchooo! | Letter to My Cloud


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    Oscar looks everywhere for Jean-Pierre, his favorite stone. Ella is acting strange. Did she have something to do with Jean-Pierre's disappearance? | Ella hurts her ankle and comes home on crutches. Oscar will have to do everything for her.

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    Ella has a school project on the stars, so the three friends spend the night outside and observe the Milky Way. | Oscar is enjoying his birthday cake with Ella, but nothing is going to go as planned.

  • Where's Francoise? | It's Not Fair!

    Ella's mom promised her a dog. But first she must prove that she can take care of Francoise, her turtle, for a week. | Oscar is blamed for damaging his mother's drawings. But he didn't do it! The trio will investigate and solve this case.