Crafty Kids Club

Crafty Kids Club

18 Episodes

The first animated Arts and Crafts series! Join mini-Makers Ben, Clara, Matt and Li-Mei as they solve problems and help out their friends through imaginative do-it-yourself creations. Kids from 5 to 10 years old (and parents!) will be inspired to craft along at home on these ingenious projects made mostly from common household materials.

Crafty Kids Club
  • Crafty Kids Club - Back to School Surprise

    Episode 1

    Join mini-Makers Ben, Clara, Matt and Li-Mei as they solve problems and help out their friends through imaginative do-it-yourself creations. | Clara and her crafty friends make a special Crafty Kid Time-tabler to help Sam, whose parents are always forgetting to pack all his school things.

  • Hugo's Home Town | Finger Fighter Puppets | Revolutionary Robot

    Episode 2

    Clara and her crafty friends make the new kid, Hugo, a "Crafty Kid Imaginary City" to help out with his homesick blues. | The Kids make sturdy finger puppet wrestlers out of old leather gloves. | The Kids make a super robot so Tom can battle his big brother's toy "The Annihilator."

  • Space Cadet | Head Full of Flowers | Cookie Chef Granny

    Episode 3

    The Crafty Kids have organized a party for Luke...but he forgets to come! The Kids make a "Crafty Kid Reminder" so Luke will never miss a birthday...even his own! | Miss Twist sprained her ankle and now she can't water her olive trees. So, the Kids develop a watering system made from old plastic ...

  • Butterfly Blues | Monster Nights | The Amazing Ant Race

    Episode 4

    Matt wants to impress Lila, who is crazy about butterflies. His friends create a "Butterfly Box" that is sure to amaze her. | Ben is afraid of the dark and starts going home early. Clara, Matt, and Li help Ben with "Crafty Kid Monster Lanterns"! | Cake crumbs have lured an ant colony into the wor...

  • Bye-bye Zaza | Bad Luck Ben | Too Many Winks

    Episode 5

    Clara and her friends decide to organize a flea market to sell their old toys and raise money to buy craft supplies. | Ben is always slipping up or missing out. Li Mei has an idea to make him a magic talisman. | Clara and her friends get busy making some "Crafty Kid Chimes" so grocer Mrs. Mnouchk...

  • Doctor Li | Keychain King | Miraculous Memory Caps

    Episode 6

    To save Mrs. Mnouchka's geraniums from a mischievous cat, the crafty kids invent the first "Crafty Kid Hanging Gardens"! | The Kids are house-sitting for several neighbors but get the keys mixed up. That's when they decide to make a "Crafty Kid Key Hanger." | Clara lost one of her grandmother's f...

  • Hilarious Hiccoughs | Tricky Trinket Tray | Baubles, Bangles & Boards

    Episode 7

    Mrs. Mnouchka keeps mislaying her favorite figurine. The Crafty Kids make a "Souvenir Box" so she won't lose track of it. | Lila compliments Li Mei on her fashion sense, so she decides to organize a fashion show. | The Crafty Kids want to make string beaded necklaces. But Max the cat keeps rippin...

  • Crafty Kids Club: The Christmas Spirit | Dueling Pencils | Card Chase

    Episode 8

    Christmas is coming soon and the Crafty Kids are putting the finishing touches on their Christmas tree. | The Kids organize a "sketch off" to find the best artist. | The neighborhood organizes a big "Card Chase" where everyone tries to collect as many cards as possible.

  • A Gift from Far Away | Welcome to the Club | Arts and Crafts Romance

    Episode 9

    Mrs. Mnouchka is heartbroken. This year her only son, Vladimir, forgot to send her a gift for the Russian holiday, Maslenitsa. | Li Mei bought a beautiful print of a flowering cherry tree for her mom, but it was ruined in the rain. Clara, Matt, and Ben help her come up with another idea. | It's V...

  • Team Spirit | A Bike for All | Slatebox Slalom

    Episode 10

    Ben wants to celebrate the Kid's anniversary with a CKC jersey. | The Kids organize a fun fair and a prize drawing to raise money for craft supplies. | Ben is going to be on the TV show "Whiz + Kids", but he gets really nervous and can't even answer the first question.

  • Birthday Bells | Wheels in the Genes | Do Not Disturb!

    Episode 11

    Matt, Clara and Ben are organizing a birthday party for Li Mei at the workshop. | An argument divides the Crafty Kids Club - Matt and Li Mei both claim their ancestors invented the skateboard. | The "Young Genius Contest" is officially open and the Crafty Kids need to avoid distractions and come ...

  • We Agree to Disagree | Thanks for the Memories | Strawberry Day

    Episode 12

    The Kids build a "Crafty Kid Mailbox." | The Kids make Mrs. Mnouchka some pretty "Crafty Kid Vacation Souvenirs." | Clara and her friends offer to pick strawberries for Mrs. Mnouchka's famous tarts. So, they create an ingenious strawberry can to carry their snacks!

  • Stupid Gags and Pretty Bags | Christmas in Summer | Ladybug Blitz

    Episode 13

    Matt promises to decorate Lila's bookbag with a pretty design. Unfortunately, he can't stop making stupid dares and the crafts project turns into a disaster. | The Kids organize a Christmas in Summer party for Sam. | Clara, Ben and Li are taking snapshots of Lady Bugs for a school report. But whe...

  • Kalinka | A Treasure Trove of Friendship | The Spirit of the Workshop

    Episode 14

    After accidentally putting Mrs. Mnouchka's Juke Box out of action, the Kids make a sound system for the tea room. | The Kids are excited that Miss Twist has tickets for the new "Pirate Park" amusement park. | Ben makes an incredible discovery at the local library: the Crafty Kid’s workshop was bu...

  • Crafty Kids Club: Very Bad Vibes | Little Halloween Monster | A Grain of Salt

    Episode 15

    Mr. Groucho, the Crafty Kids' surly neighbor, often shouts at them to keep QUIET! But this morning he won't put up with the slightest noise and the kids can't do any crafts at all. | The Kids organize a costume workshop for the neighborhood tots. | Clara has ruined another cake and is seriously t...

  • April Fools | Matt's Cuddly Little Secret | Game Over

    Episode 16

    Matt plays practical jokes on all his crafty friends with some ridiculous gadgets. | Matt, who never throws anything away, still has his beloved "binky" from when he was a tiny tot. The little doll has seen better days, but Matt is able to repair it. | Matt's friend Luke is always glued to his vi...

  • The Big Secret | A Bird in the Hat! | Nuts for Mice

    Episode 17

    Clara has been acting strange. Ben, Matt and Li decide to find out what is going on and sneak a peek at her notebook. | Li and Matt make a new birds nest for Miss Twist's swallows, who have been left homeless after a storm. | Clara, Li and Ben try to protect a little mouse that has sought refuge ...

  • Dough for Deer | Spiders from Outer Space | A Star is Blurred

    Episode 18

    Li is collecting money for the "Dough for Deer" fundraising drive. But she discovers she has lost her sock purse and the money for the caribou! | Ben is obsessed with his comic book "Spiders from Outer Space" and believes that intergalactic spiders have taken over the neighborhood. | The Kids org...