Coyote Peterson: Kidstream Collection

Coyote Peterson: Kidstream Collection

2 Seasons

Coyote Peterson: Kidstream Collection is your go-to series for wildlife adventure and amazing up-close animal encounters! Featuring animal expert and Emmy award-winning wildlife educator Coyote Peterson along with his trusted crew Mark and Mario. This collection has been carefully curated with some of Coyote’s favorite adventures for animal lovers of all types. Available only on Kidstream!

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Coyote Peterson: Kidstream Collection
  • Alligators & Crocodiles

    Episode 1

    CLOSE CALL Alligator Attacks Cameraman | EPIC Gator Catch | Alligator vs. Crocodile | Crocodile Caught in Drainpipe | A Nest FULL of Baby Crocodiles | Crazy Crocodile Catch | Danger of Baby Alligators as Pets

  • Snake Pit

    Episode 2

    Insane Fangs of the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake | Pygmy Rattlesnake Strike | Water Snake Island | Water Snake Eats a Super-Sized Goby | Can a Snake Cure Fear | Cat-Eyed Snake | The Most Venomous Rattlesnake in the World

  • Spider Set

    Episode 3

    Giant Tarantula Shows Its Fangs | Black Widow Spider is Too Close for Comfort | Ahhh Camel Spider Chews My Finger | DANGEROUS Jungle Spider

  • Lizard Lounge

    Episode 4

    Regal Horned Lizard | How Coyote Got His Name | The Gila Monster AMAZING Venomous Lizard Encounter | Gila Monster BITE | The Chuckwalla is a Sloppy Eater | Super-Sized Anole | Flying Lizard Catch | Coconut Breakfast | Wild Chameleons in Florida

  • Foxes and Coyote

    Episode 5

    Friendly Baby Fox | Friending a Fox | Coyote FINALLY Meets a Coyote

  • Great White Sharks

    Episode 6

    Entering Kill Zone with Great White Sharks | Shark Cage Submarine vs. Great White

  • Blue Wilderness

    Episode 7

    Dolphin STEALS From Diver | Surrounded by Razor-Toothed Barracuda | Sting King of the Deep

  • Band of Birds

    Episode 8

    A Rare Glimpse of the Burrowing Owl | Peregrine Falcon is the Fastest Animal in the World | Amazing Hummingbird Experience | Man vs. Cassowary | Rescued Baby Toucan | Bald Eagle Adventure | Teeny, Tiny Owl

  • Tide Pool Party

    Episode 9

    Exploring for Sea Creatures | HUGE Giant Black Slug | WILL IT INK - Catching an Octopus | Catching a SHARK by HAND

  • Tortoises and Sea Turtles

    Episode 10

    On the Lookout for the Mighty Gopher Tortoise | Feeding the BFT | Catching Sea Turtles

  • Kinkajou & Friends

    Episode 11

    SUPER CUTE Kinkajou | Sloth vs. Sloth | Cutest Baby Sloth Ever | Coatimundi Hangs Out with Coyote | Secrets of Sugar Gliders REVEALED Not as Cute as they LOOK