Circle Square

Circle Square

21 Episodes

Circle Square. A circle of houses. A circle of friends. Vanessa the dragon is always ready to help her neighbours. The 9 houses are home to a yeti, a dog, owls, talking instruments, two pine trees, a human family, a bear, and a family of wizards.

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Circle Square
  • Circle Square - New Pyjamas | Portrait of an Owl

    Episode 1

    Vanessa accidentally destroys Duster the dog's pajamas. | When Tuft Owl wants to make a portrait of her father, Vanessa enlists the help of the wizards, Isabella, and Grindle.

  • Where's my Armadillo? | Noisy Night

    Episode 2

    Caylee can't find her toy armadillo in the Ruffles' house. Can Vanessa help? | Grindle is trying to get to sleep, but some of his neighbors are making an awful lot of noise.

  • Bric-a-Brac | Haven't the Foggiest

    Episode 3

    Wizard Gwen runs a yard sale with her brother Ben. | Fog moves in while the neighbors are enjoying a boat trip.

  • Sock Song | Everywhere Dragon

    Episode 4

    Keys has promised Wyndley a song, but hasn't left herself much time to write it. | Vanessa looks forward to some personal time to fix up the lighthouse, but her neighbors need her, too.

  • The Sunflower Competition | Active Bear

    Episode 5

    Under pressure to win the sunflower growing contest, Douglas looks for a handy shortcut to success. | Vanessa and the neighbors help Isabella find an exercise that suits her.

  • Courtesy Kennel | Bestest Book Day

    Episode 6

    When Duster's kennel is taken for repairs, he's left with a bland replacement. | It's Bestest Book Day, but where's book-loving Grindle? Vanessa and the children investigate.

  • Differences | Magical Hiccups

    Episode 7

    Tommy and Keys disagree on the ending of a song and break up the band. Will The Shaky Hats ever get back together? | Busy Dilys doesn't have time for hiccups.

  • Big Birthday | Treasure Island

    Episode 8

    Caylee's big, bold, brash surprise party for Grindle might be too much for the shy yeti. | Isabella and Vanessa discover an old treasure map left by Isabella's adventuring mother.

  • Finders Keepers | Camping with Kazam

    Episode 9

    Duster finds a teddy bear and wants to keep it--but it might belong to a neighbor. | Kira takes Gwen and Ben on a camping trip, but her expert wizard skills threaten to ruin the trip.

  • The Outfit | Chef Vanessa

    Episode 10

    Tommy needs a new look, but soon he's trying on a new personality too. | Daddy Dillydally may be a wizard of a cook, but he doesn't eat enough vegetables.

  • The Jungle House | Funfair Island

    Episode 11

    When Nelson gets lost in the greenhouse, he's too proud to ask for help. | Snowdon Owl doesn't want to admit he's scared of the big rides at Funfair Island.

  • Perfect Place | Audition

    Episode 12

    Wizard Ben is very excited about his new roller skates. | Ma Ruffle has an audition for a role with a famous director.

  • Dinosaur Island | Taking a Fence

    Episode 13

    Pa Ruffle forgets to book the school trip to Dinosaur Island. | Duster's bossy cousin Barrel comes to visit.

  • Green Island | Spooky Cheese

    Episode 14

    When Alba Owl feels overwhelmed by the climate emergency, Vanessa and friends show her how local changes can make a global difference. | A Spooky Cheese may be haunting the neighbors.

  • Circle Square: Diwali Island

    Episode 15

    Baljit the lion comes to celebrate Diwali with his friends on Circle Square Island.

  • Pizza Mystery | Grindle Time

    Episode 16

    When Duster's pizza goes missing, detective Snowdon Owl is on the case. | Grindle decides to enjoy some time alone on the island while everyone else heads off on holiday.

  • Story School | Circle Square Singers

    Episode 17

    Isabella the bear has run out of ideas for a creative workshop for the children. | Duster wants to sing with the island choir, but he doesn't have the patience to practice.

  • Submarine Drive | Sports Day

    Episode 18

    Vanessa loses a suitcase in the sea, so she goes on an underwater search with Grindle. | Douglas Pine wants to win a race at the wizards' magic sports day, but he ignores advice.

  • Babysitter | I Love You

    Episode 19

    Tommy the drum babysits Caylee Ruffle, but calming people down isn't his area of expertise. | Dub has something important to tell Keys but wants to find the best way to say it.

  • Silent Dragon | Shopkeepers

    Episode 20

    Vanessa can't stay silent when she has something important to tell her friends. | Gwen and Vanessa run the village shop for a day.

  • What the Dickens

    Episode 21

    Nelson Pine is feeling bah-humbug about Christmas, so Douglas enlists Vanessa's help to restore his festive spirit.