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Bitz & Bob

Bitz & Bob

22 Episodes

Bitz and her younger brother Bob are two siblings who love making things and going on imaginative adventures with their toys.

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Bitz & Bob
  • Castle Makeover | Marmalade Mayhem

    Episode 1

    Bob really wants his castle to look more like Bitz's, but things don't go to plan. | Chef Bitz gets an unexpected visitor.

  • Ready, Set, Check! | Desert Road Trip

    Episode 2

    Bob's go-kart falls apart on race day! | The race across Hot Sandy Desert slows to a crawl when Bitz and Purl over-engineer their vehicle.

  • Monster Mountain | X Marks The Spot

    Episode 3

    Ranger Bevel tells Bitz and Bob about the abominable snow monsters. | On a treasure hunt, Bitz, Purl and Bob find a huge chest full of yummy chocolate coins.

  • Princess Purl's Big Sleep | Bob's Balloon Adventure

    Episode 4

    Zipsy and Popsy put a spell on Princess Purl so that she sleeps for a gazillion years. | Bob gets stuck in a runaway hot air balloon.

  • Losing Steam | Little Bev Riding Hood

    Episode 5

    Bitz, Bob and Bevel race across the desert to deliver ice cream before it melts! | It's almost show time, but everything's going wrong at the theater.

  • Brilliant Beach Circus | Sinking Feeling

    Episode 6

    It's Circus Time on Faraway Island! | When Ranger Bevel gets stuck in a pile of soft snow, Bitz needs to work out how they can pull him out, without sinking into it too!

  • Periscope Peril | Plipp And Zopp

    Episode 7

    Two naughty trolls take Princess Purl's tiara, and Bitz must use logic to get it back. | When a rocket crashes in the desert, Bitz and Bob help two aliens return to space.

  • Princess Purl Day | Bubble Quest

    Episode 8

    Bitz must stop a runaway carriage before it crashes. | To stay a princess, Purl must with the very rare Zippopopomus before the castle bell rings three times. But where is the Zippopopomus?

  • Big Pop On Top | Ahoy There

    Episode 9

    Bitz and Bob make a film about Big Pop. | When their raft drifts away, everyone is stranded on Faraway Island. Bitz needs to figure out how to get home!

  • Jungle Fashion Show | Show Bitzness

    Episode 10

    Two cheeky, hat-loving monkeys disrupt the fashion show. | The talent show can't go on unless Bitz can get the curtain working.

  • Rock And Roll | Bitz's Campout Conundrum

    Episode 11

    Bitz and Bob must figure out how to move a very heavy rock across the beach. | Bevel learns that bear-sitting can be exhausting.

  • Bitz's Big Build | Tower Top Princess Party

    Episode 12

    Bitz tries to build a house that Big Bad Robo Wolf can't blow down.| Princess Purl and Princess Bitz plan the best party ever for Sir Robo Bob and Sir Bevel.

  • Greatest Gig In Town | Merry Go Round

    Episode 13

    With Bitz on drums, Bob on guitar and Bevel on vocals, The Booyahs are ready to perform. | Bevel overcomes his fear of merry-go-rounds.

  • Cake Calamity | Incredible Duck Trek

    Episode 14

    Bitz works out a system so everyone can help in the kitchen without getting in each other's way! | Bitz and Bob build a house where the ducks can sleep at night.

  • Bitz's Beach Party | Snowy Sports Day

    Episode 15

    Bitz throws a beach party to cheer up Bob. | Everyone's excited about competing in Snowy Sports Day, and Bitz is keeping score.

  • Bevel Genie's Home Sweet Home | Castle Bake Off

    Episode 16

    Bitz, Bob and Purl are on a treasure hunt in Big Hot Sandy Desert. | Purl is judging the Yum-tastic Pizza Bake Off.

  • Snowy Sneezy Goat Gala | A-Maze-Ing Adventure

    Episode 17

    Bitz and the gang help Purl prepare for the Snowy Goat Gala when her bell-ringing goats catch a cold. | Phoebe's puppy gets lost inside Bitz’s amazing maze.

  • Frog Log Bridge | Woolly Wonder Girl

    Episode 18

    Bitz builds a bridge to help the frogs get back to the water. | Police Chief Bevel has his hands full trying to stop rowdy rascals Zip and Pop on their noise-making spree in Craft City.

  • Amazing Owl Club | A Birthday Surprise

    Episode 19

    Bitz and Purl start a club. | Bitz, Bob, Bevel, Zip and Pop plan a surprise birthday present for Purl.

  • Bitz And Bob's Toy Shop | Mayor Bevel's Mega Wheel

    Episode 20

    Bob is in need of a new helmet when his old one is accidentally sold at the junk stall | Bitz, Bob and Purl build a giant Mega Wheel in Craft City.

  • The Every Place Chase Race

    Episode 21

    Bitz, Bob and Purl compete to win the Trophiest Trophy Ever.

  • Up, Up And Away | Gripping Yarn

    Episode 22

    Zip grabs onto Pop's kite and gets swept away by the wind! | When Big Bad Robo Wolf locks Ra-Purl-Zel in the castle tower, Purl must knit herself a ladder to escape!