Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina

2 Seasons

Angelina is growing up! Follow this mouseling, now 8 years old, as she embarks on the next stage of her life. Living on the other side of Chipping Cheddar, the aspiring ballerina enrolls at the performing arts school Camembert Academy, where she makes new friends, learns from a new teacher, Ms. Mimi, and experiences an exciting world of dance, music and performance.

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Angelina Ballerina
  • Angelina Ballerina - Angelina's New Home | Angelina's New School

    Episode 1

    Angelina is having a hard time adjusting to her family’s move and decides to take matters into her own hands. | Angelina is excited, yet nervous, about her first day of school. When she finds her other classmates proficient in other styles of dance, she tries to imitate what they are doing but wi...

  • Angelina’s New Ballet Teacher | Angelina’s Dance Partner

    Episode 2

    The day for Angelina to meet her new ballet teacher, Ms. Mimi, has finally arrived! But Ms. Mimi's teaching style is different than that of her former teacher and mentor, Miss Lilly. | Angelina has the opportunity to dance with her best friend, Alice, at Camembert Academy’s "Dance with a Partner ...

  • Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi | Angelina's Oldest Friend

    Episode 3

    It's Ms. Mimi's birthday, and Angelina wants to give her the best birthday ever! | Angelina loves her new Camembert Academy friends and also loves her old friend Alice. She is certain they will all become best friends and invites everyone to her home for a play date, but things don’t go as smooth...

  • Angelina and Alice's Big Night | Angelina and the Giant

    Episode 5

    Angelina has a recital coming up with her class at Camembert and she wants Alice to attend as her special guest. Unfortunately, Alice has an ice skating event the very same night, and she wants Angelina to come watch her! | Angelina and Alice have to design the giant prop for Jackie and the Beans...

  • Angelina and the Hip Hop Kid | Angelina and the Broken Fiddle

    Episode 4

    There's a new mouseling at Camembert Academy named AZ and he loves to dance hip hop. The girls find him, and his dance moves interesting, but they don't want him for a ballet partner. | When Angelina and Polly accidentally break their dad’s fiddle, they come up with elaborate excuses to get out o...

  • Angelina's Musical Day | Angelina's Crazy Solo

    Episode 6

    Angelina and her friends are putting on a production of "Peter and the Wolf" where each character is identified by a unique musical riff. Ms. Mimi uses musical riffs as a way to communicate with the mouselings. | Angelina and her friends are putting on a show, and they each have a specific job. A...

  • Angelina and the Irish Jig | Angelina En Pointe

    Episode 7

    Vici just returned from a holiday in Tippermousy, Ireland. She's excited to teach her friends about Irish music and how to dance an Irish jig. | The Mouskinov Ballet is holding auditions for their next show and even though the show needs much older dancers, Angelina does whatever she can do to tr...

  • Angelina's Rock Band | Angelina's Lost Ice Skates

    Episode 308

    At the Chipping Cheddar Music Day Picnic, Angelina finds her friends rehearsing in a band for a school project. They invite her to join in as the tambourine player. She's so excited she immediately thinks her instrument is the most important in the band. | Angelina and Alice are having a fun day...

  • Angelina and the New Music Store | Angelina and Ms. Mimi

    Episode 9

    Angelina wants to help promote the opening of her dad’s new music store with a big party and she enlists her musician friends to play some of the instruments that will be sold in the store. | Ms. Mimi introduces the class to a new drum kit. When Angelina behaves over-exuberantly, she is embarrass...

  • Angelina and Super Polly | Angelina's Dance Like a Cake Day

    Episode 10

    Polly adores a book about a little mouseling girl who gets superhero powers when she hears a trumpet fanfare. This makes Polly think that maybe she has super powers too! | Vici puts together a "Dance Like a Cake" Day where all of her friends have to bring a cake associated with a dance.